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What is a Soul Realignment Reading?

A Soul Realignment Reading is an insightful modality by Andrrea Hess that has a big focus on your life lessons and purpose. This kind of soul reading uses the Akashic Records as a tool to release negative karmic patterns at the Soul level and to unlock our Soul level possibilities in order to bring out the information to change our choices in order to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be and this starts at the level of the soul, as does everything.



As you may know, when I "read" for a client, I access the Akashic Records.  Have you ever heard of this amazing resource?  Think of the Akashic Records as a giant energetic database that holds information on just about everything - including the nature, purpose, history and origins of your Soul itself! Soul Realignment is a powerful modality for accessing the akashic records of your soul. When you learn Soul Realignment with Andrea Hess, you can access the akashic records of your soul and help others heal at the level of their akashic record. 

I know that's an overwhelming concept, but Soul Realignment is the intuitive healing modality that teaches you how to "read" the Akashic Records, just like I do for my clients. I have learned a lot about delving into the Akashic Records of a client's soul and you too can help others in a very insightful way, when you learn Soul Realignment. 


Through this insightful way of accessing the akashic records, by Andrea Hess, you can discover the Soul's purpose and history, as well as energetically clearing old patterns of negativity that we have created through past choices.  It truly is exciting work! Andrea Hess taught me 'Soul Realignment' as a detailed and insightful way to access the akashic records. Andrea’s teaching style is highly interactive, making it easy to access the akashic records through Soul Realignment practice. By learning Soul Realignment and practicing, her teaching style enables you to easily access the akashic records of both your soul and others. In no time, you’ll learn Soul Realingment and assist others in healing their akashic record.

Soul Realignment courses are highly structured and well-organized, so it's very easy to follow.  I can't believe how much I'm learning about the nature of the Soul, the spiritual development journey, and how we create our experience through choices, now that I know how to do this work.  If you choose to learn soul realignment, you will learn that the level of self-awareness this course brings with it is astounding - even if you never want to do this work professionally, it's truly something that I has catapulted my own spiritual evolution to a new level.

Andrea Hess, also has a once monthly practitioner support calls, holding your hand and accessibility to ask questions every month about the Soul Realignment Program. 

There's a terrific free online training to get you started. If you have thought about becoming an Akashic Records Reader or Psychic, then I highly recommend that you learn Soul Realignment - I know it will change your life, I do hope that you check it out on the link below and find it valuable. 


As an advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner in this style of Akashic Records Readings, I found Andrrea Hess to be an amazing teacher, full of wisdom and knowledge base. Andrea Hess has put together a powerful modality of learning the akashic records and this is a perfect transition into changing your career path into using your Divine Self Expression and Divine Love abilities to help others.


Every time we help someone, we heal. What better way to do your part to help the community and get paid. If you take my advice and choose to become a Soul Realignment Practitioner, sign up using the link I have given you below and I will send you a free copy of my 'Meditation for Intuition' and ebook via email cloud. 


I will see that you have signed up on my link (so please make sure you are signing up under the below links, and I will email you a copy of my insightful meditation and ebook as an energy exchange.  If you have any questions about the course, I am more than happy to answer your questions via email at, as an Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner.


Enjoy your new career in helping others find their love, light and truth and be the divine expression of themselves with Soul Realignment!

By booking the Soul Realignment Practitioner Course through the link below, you’ll learn how to access the akashic records of your soul and heal yourself and others and if you book on this link, Tara will send you a copy of her powerful and insightful, 'Meditation for Intuition'. The Meditation for Intuition will help you access your Akashic Records Guides in the Akashic Records and connect at the level of the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental levels.


In order to receive this meditation package that comes with a valuable eBook, make a reservation onto the Soul Realignment Practitioner Course, using the link below:


Simply book the course using the link provided and notify me via email at If you haven’t booked the Soul Realignment Course using my personal link, I won’t be able to honour the free meditation for intuition. If you do not book on this link, I cannot honour the free meditation package. 

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