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About this Quit Drinking Alcohol Hypnosis Program with the power of the mind and hypnotherapy with experienced hypnotherapist, Tara J Clarke who has hypnotized thousands of people

Single Session
includes eBook by Tara J Clarke with many valuable tools to help with the cut down on drinking process. A must have up your sleeve!


Includes 3 Sessions
Includes 3 Sessions

How to know if you are ready to quit drinking alcohol? Write a pros and cons list. Pros as to why to keep drinking and cons as to quit drinking. When your cons list is bigger than your pros list to keep drinking alcohol, then this is a good sign to give us a call at Signs of Abundance Hypnosis and Healing. If your pro's list is bigger, then perhaps cutting down on your drinking habit may be an option for you? If this is the case, we offer a single 2 hour session of cutting down on drinking here. If you want to quit drinking, then we recommend the 3 session quit drinking habit program, which gets to the root cause of your drinking habit as follows: 

Whether you choose to participate online through Zoom chat or in-person at Palm Cove in Cairns, you have the option to join this quit drinking alcohol program. Included in the stop alcohol hypnosis program is: 

In this 2 hour to 2 and a half hour session and your longest session. In this stop drinking hypnosis session, Tara J Clarke, Holistic Counsellor and Hypnotherapist, will guide you through a very gentle interview, addressing your triggers as to why you choose the bad drinking habit, find out what we can replace your drink with (a healthy alternative to drinking) and this session is further explored to find the root cause as to why you drink alcohol and the best path forward to making new positive choices to replace the drinking habit. This interview process, holistic counselling session and regression hypnotherapy is to make sure you are on track to your stop drinking alcohol goals so that she can put the best quit drinking alcohol hypnosis program together for you. Once you and Tara are on the same wavelength to your quit drinking goals in this interview process, she will guide you through a regression hypnotherapy session to get to the root cause of why you started drinking in order to find the best suggestions and motivation to quit the habit, moving forward.


Once booked online, please make sure you fill in the questionnaire that will be emailed to your email address, 48 hours prior to this session starting, for a smooth transition in this process. 



The second session on this quit drinking alcohol program is your Clinical Hypnotherapy Session. Schedule a Clinical Hypnotherapy session to stop the habit. You will have this session on the day you choose to quit drinking (approximately 1 hour session) in Palm Cove, Cairns or if you are not living or visiting Cairns, you can have this session via video chat held online over Skype or Zoom from anywhere in Australia or around the world as long as you have a good internet connection.  The ideal time to schedule this session is early morning on the day you plan to stop smoking. Tara starts her sessions at 7:30 am but if you prefer to come in later this is fine too subject to availability. 

Then you will come in for a third session and this is your final session that you will usually have about a few days to a week after you quit the alcohol habit, to target any cravings, emotions, power and confidence to keep you on track. This session is around 1 hour. When it comes to quitting alcohol it is recommended to have this third session, to stay on track with your emotions. Also if you are an alcoholic, the physical withdrawal process of quitting the drinking habit may be overwhelming to some. As a result, always seek the advice of your doctor or health professional on what medical interventions can help you on this path forward. 

Once you enrol in the hypnotherapy program to quit drinking alcohol, you’ll be sent a copy of the Stop Drinking eBook by Tara J Clarke, Hypnotherapist, over a cloud, via email. This Stop Drinking eBook provides valuable tools like meditations, meridian tapping videos, and scripts to assist you. It also offers help with other tools such as prayer, manifestation, and creating a powerful diary entry to release the past. You can use any number of these tools to complement your hypnotherapy in your stop drinking program. 



You will receive a hypnosis recording of your session for future reference. Research shows that the subconscious mind is best programmed in 28 days, so listen back to this recording once per day until you feel you no longer need to. Understand more about how hypnosis works here. The hypnosis recording of your session will be emailed to the address you provided, using a cloud service. For added privacy, you have the option to receive a USB copy of your recording for a small fee. The free email version is often chosen by clients because it can be easily downloaded from the cloud and saved to your device. If you lack technical skills, select the USB option when you book this program. When you book the USB option instead of the email cloud option, you will be given a copy of your hypnosis recording onto the USB stick at the end of your hypnosis session. Always listen back to your hypnosis recording for stop drinking using headphones. Be in a comfortable laying down or slightly reclined position (do what is comfortable for you) in the privacy of your own home. 


If your drinking alcohol issue is related to other problems in your life like anxiety, depression, loneliness, etc. you might benefit from an extra hypnosis session a week after your third session date for an extra charge, where we target that problem. e.g. If quitting drinking has allowed sadness or loneliness to set in, then we target that in an add on session, as required. Everyone is different. Most drinkers will only need three sessions, other with chronic issue such as alcoholics, may need a little more guidance to combat those emotions as they arise. Alcoholism is years and years of pushing emotions under the rug, so when it comes to quitting drinking, you may need that extra assistance as the emotions come up. If you do, Tara does a special rate if you need this extra service. 

In Cairns, or online over Zoom, the Stop drinking alcohol hypnosis program is specifically designed to replace negative thoughts and habits with positive alternatives. Hypnosis allows your journey to get easier by the day, the week and the month!  Being completely prepared to quit drinking is crucial, and this stop drinking hypnotherapy program is the ideal way to start your journey towards a long and healthy life. Don't quit drinking just because your partner or loved one wants you to. In order to quit drinking with hypnosis, you should have a personal motivation to quit the habit. Quitting the bad habit of drinking is crucial for your own sake, not for anyone else's. Only register onto this quit drinking program when you're prepared to permanently quit the habit of drinking alcohol or binge drinking.

Please be mindful that if you are an alcoholic, you may need more than 3 sessions to address your alcoholism. This can be lack of love in your life, abandonment, rejection, failures, needing more work on your confidence or loneliness, just to name a few common issues that go with alcoholism. Additional sessions once you have had this stop drinking program is $111 for a one hour hypnosis session, $150 for 90 minutes which includes counselling or $175 for 2 hour session which includes hypnosis and counselling. Also if you are an alcoholic, the physical withdrawal process of quitting the drinking habit may be overwhelming to some. As a result, always seek the advice of your doctor or health professional on what medical interventions can help you on this path forward. 

Prepare to be hypnotized and feel the utmost relaxation as shown in the picture. Relaxed and undisturbed. Tara's healing room in Palm Cove, Cairns, is soundproofed to ensure an undisturbed hypnosis session.

Trusting in the process makes the hypnosis process easy. Call or text Tara today on 0481336666 to book in or call for a chat. You can also email on







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