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Reptilian Overlay Removal

Reptilian Overlay and Reptilian Brain Removal Distance Session

  • 45 minutes
  • 49 Australian dollars
  • Distance Healing Session

Service Description

This Reptilian Overlay Removal distance healing session involves the removal of reptilian brain and auric clearing to transmute all negative attachments associated with the reptilian energies and negative patterning associated with them so that the negative thought patterns targeting the soul will stop becoming the target. This is the booking page to book your session. Once your session is booked you will be emailed instruction on how to prepare for your session. This includes a video to watch at the start to set your intention. Allow around 45 minutes for this Reptilian Overlay Distance Healing Session. You will be placed on a 21 Day Transition Ritual to read out loud once per day which will take up around 5 minutes of your time each day, to transition into the new higher energies. More on Reptilian Overlay Removal here: You may also choose to have the Reptilian Overlay Removal combined with the Jehovian Seal (J Seal) and Unnatural Implant Removal Session. More information on J Seal here: or book the combination session which includes the Reptilian Overlay and Reptilian Brain Removal. More information on Reptilian Overlay Removal here: Reviews here:

More info Phone or Text 0481336666


93 Cedar Road, Palm Cove QLD, Australia

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