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Shadow and Ancestral 
Healing Meditation Package

This 'Shadow & Ancestral Healing Meditation' package by Tara J Clarke to learn about how to understand your shadows and integrate them when you are ready to integrate the shadows. This package comes with 3 separate meditations to guide you through the Shadow and Ancestral Healing process. This is not to be used as a replacement to shadow healing therapies with a therapist or doctor. 

Shadow and Ancestral Healing Meditation Package includes 3 audio recordings and eBook instruction booklet on how to connect and communicate with your shadow guide that has all the answers, knows all about your shadows in the akashic record of your soul. Then you take this information and journey into your inner healing journey of shadow with the 'Shadow and Ancestral Healing' Meditation. You will receive a bonus meditation of 'Integrate the shadow to heal from a person that has wronged you' meditation. 

What this Meditation for Shadow and Ancestral Healing includes:

Included in this meditation program is: 

  •  An informative eBook to guide you through the meditations and troubleshooting tips

  • Meditation for Shadow and Ancestral Healing

  • Meditation to Meet your shadow and Shadow Spirit Guide

  • Bonus Meditation to heal the shadow, from a person that has wronged you

​Learn how to meditate to heal your shadow and ancestors of ancestral trauma, hurt, suffering and wounds. You get the eBook which takes you through the meditations. Always read the eBook before starting your meditation journey with signs of abundance hypnosis and healing into your shadows. More description on what's included:



This meditation serves as the initial step to connect with your shadow spirit guide. Before engaging in this practice, observe your shadow's manifestations, triggers, and emotions for several days to a week. Keep a record of these occurrences in your journal. Delve into understanding and accepting your shadow, acknowledging its insights. Then, use this meditation to establish a link with your shadow spirit guides for deeper self-awareness and clarity regarding the shadow aspects in need of healing or integration into the light. Note down any insights gained in your journal after the meditation. I deliberately do not count you out of this meditation so you can write freely. When you come out of this meditation, ground yourself into the Earth by imagining you are tree grounded into the Earth, placing your palms on the ground. If comfortable, you are welcome to document new revelations during the meditation. Once you have consciously analyzed the information, proceed to the 'Shadow and Ancestral Healing Meditation' to merge shadow aspects into the light. If you have chronic or mental health conditions, always consult your therapist before embarking on inner work independently. This practice does not replace any medical or therapeutic advice from your healthcare provider or therapist.


The initial version serves as an audio guide for shadow healing, acting as a serene meditation to connect you with your ancestors. Prior to starting this meditation, establish a connection with your shadow spirit guide. Monitor your shadow's appearances, triggers, and emotions for a few days to a week before listening to this recording. Record these occurrences in your diary. Study and embrace your shadow, striving to acknowledge it and the wisdom it offers. When you feel ready, participate in the Shadow and Ancestral Healing Meditation to merge shadow aspects into the light. Through this recording, you can reclaim lost energy and soul fragments. Practice this meditation while sitting upright or slightly reclined. You may opt to lie down, but be mindful as you might drift off to sleep. If you have chronic or mental health conditions, always seek advice from your therapist before engaging in inner work independently. This is not a substitute for any medical or therapeutic advice from your healthcare provider or therapist.



In this meditation recording, you will confront someone who has caused you pain in the past, allowing you to address and heal unresolved emotions within yourself. Additionally, you will be led to explore this individual's ancestors to gain insight into their actions and motivations for hurting you. Through this process, you can attain inner peace by acknowledging your connection to karmic suffering and focusing on self-healing. The goal of this meditation is to seek resolution, understand the lessons learned, and foster acceptance, gratitude, and personal growth. Before beginning this meditation, participate in the ‘Journey to Your Shadow Spirit Guide Meditation’ first. Remember to maintain an upright or slightly reclined position during the practice. While lying down is an option, be mindful of the tendency to fall asleep. If you have chronic or mental health conditions, always consult with your therapist before engaging in inner work independently. This meditation is not a substitute for professional therapy or guidance from your therapist or healthcare provider. Tara J Clarke is a Holistic Counsellor and hypnotherapist and you can join in on a session with Tara over the internet or in person. 1:11 ​

Persistence with this meditation package will not only strengthen your connection and confidence with connecting to your spirit guides, but help you heal inside of yourself and move closer to the vibration of love, light, truth, wisdom, gratitude and abundance. 


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Buy the Shadow and Ancestral Healing Meditation package or come to one of our shadow healing group online workshops. You can join from anywhere around the world!
A valuable and insightful meditation package to accompany the 'Meditation for Shadow and Ancestral Healing' package above, is this 'Meditation for Intuition' to build trust, confidence and belief in your connection to spirit, higher self and spirit guides. 

Can't focus in meditation? Thats because you have monkey mind, which is interference from outside forces disturbing your ability to be in a quiet, calm state. Read more on spiritual implant removal, J Seal Removal, Unnatural Implant Removal, Reptilian Removal which are all outside influences that distract us from being our true authentic selves and distract us from being able to focus and concentrate in meditation. 

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" Tara's soothing voice allowed me to feel harmony and peace within. I felt a strong connection to my higher self in this meditation for intuition, stronger than any connection before."

Barbara Gibson

" I got this first go! Holy, so amazing. I had my eyes closed the whole time and when I was writing my writing style was so different, spirit was writing through me. I had tears rolling down my eyes and how beautiful it was when I entered into meet my higher self. I became in a space where my heart was whole again and it was so beautiful to feel the love in this space. I got a message that next time it will be my guides showing me things. It felt so great and an amazing experience. Thank you so much, I love this meditation so much."

Amy Pisot

I purchased the meditation for intuition to help me connect with my higher self, to build trust in my past life regression session with Tara. It was a blessing as it really helped in my spiritual connection and my psychic abilities are much more precise and clear, since using this meditation.

Julie Jones the Atlantean

I have been trying to meditate to connect inwardly for quite a while and didnt have much luck but Tara's meditation for intuition guidance with the recordings is really helping my confidence in building that trust. Thank you. 

T Lincoln

I love it so much, your voice is so soothing! Thank you.

Yen Andrews

I got this meditation for intuition first try and was happy to connect with my higher self. It is giving me so much confidence in my intuitive abilities. I am now getting more messages from my gudes and signs that I am in syncronicity on my path. I try to do the meditation most days and every time I do it, I find my connection keeps getting a little stronger. It's been a blessing. Thank you. 

Beryl White

Tips and safety for meditation

Listen to the recordings laying down or slightly sitting up, its your choice.  Never listen to a recording behind the wheel of a vehicle. Use headphones or ear plugs to listen to your recording, if you are listening to these recordings directly from a laptop this is ok too as long as you are not hearing impaired. Never listen to a meditation recording while walking, jogging or in control of a moving vehicle. These recordings have been made in a recording studio by Clinical Hypnotherapist, Meditation Teacher, Spiritual Guide and Akashic Records Psychic, Tara J Clarke.


If you have any questions you are more than welcome to connect. 

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