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Heart Chakra Guided Meditation with Archangel Raphael

Heart Chakra Guided Meditation with Archangel Raphael to align you to the healing powers of self love and inner guidance with Archangel Raphael to bring you strength in love, light. Heart Chakra Guided Meditation with Archangel Raphael is designed by Tara J Clarke to help you heal your heart from depression, sadness, loneliness, grief, loss, disconnect, loss and loneliness, so that you can start to feel more connected to your angels and less needy, less manipulative, less demanding and so that you can get onto your path to aligning to the higher vibrations of love, light, self, love and receiving love including self love, adoration of nature and self respect so that you can feel more authentic happy in grace and empowered as you go about your day. 

This powerful heart chakra guided meditation will take you on a guided meditative journey on your spirit animal into the higher realms to meet your Archangel Raphael and assist you on your path to love, peace, calm, gratitude joy, forgiveness and happiness and the more you do this meditation, the more you will feel connected to your Archangel Raphael and the Legions of Light. 

You may listen back to the player here on the right for 30 seconds to preview. 

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Tips and safety for meditation

Listen to the recordings laying down or slightly sitting up, its your choice.  Never listen to a recording behind the wheel of a vehicle. Use headphones or ear plugs to listen to your recording, if you are listening to these recordings directly from a laptop this is ok too as long as you are not hearing impaired. Never listen to a meditation recording while walking, jogging or in control of a moving vehicle. These recordings have been made in a recording studio by Clinical Hypnotherapist, Meditation Teacher, Spiritual Guide and Akashic Records Psychic, Tara J Clarke.


If you have any questions you are more than welcome to connect. 

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