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Monkey Mind

What is Monkey Mind?

Monkey mind is the chaotic, static, negative thoughts, negative thinking patterns, disorganization, boredom thoughts that are constantly programming our head so we cannot focus on meditation, hypnosis or just being in the vibration of love and peace.



My name is Tara J Clarke and I am a hypnotherapist, spiritual guide, Holistic Counsellor and Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher that deals with clients with monkey mind issues where they struggle to focus when trying to go about their day whether it be normal everyday activities, meditation or hypnosis to get to the root of an issue in therapy.


My goal is to help my clients take charge of their life by providing them with the tools to access their inner power. When I help my clients to let go of an issue, I use the power of counselling, spiritual guidance such as journeying and visualization, meditation and energy healing sessions and the power of hypnosis to target the subconscious mind, the deeper mind where the answers are stored. But its a little hard for me to do my job when a client has this 'monkey mind'.


Many humans are programmed with negative thinking. Many humans have this issue and are easily distracted in meditation or hypnosis and spend way too much time in the left hand hemisphere in the brain, (the ego mind) where the reptilian brain resides. For living your best healthy life, its imperative to find balance between the masculine and the feminine as we go about our day. In this situation, finding a balance between the left brain and right brain and use the right hemisphere of the brain. However if one cannot enter the right hemisphere of the brain to get the answers due to this lack of focus and clarity of thoughts, lack of intuition and evidence of monkey mind, it is near impossible for them to contact their deeper subconscious and the even deeper superconscious in the right hemisphere of the brain, to connect with the higher self and intuitive messages. 

I believe in the power of the mind and spirit, and the mind and spirit has a strong connection to source that, with the power of intention, will, the subconscious mind and the superconscious, can reconnect to with the power of the higher self. The reason so many people are distracted by monkey mind in the first place is because they have been disconnected from their higher power, their inner light due to programming, conditioning and catacalystic events over the eons. I am passionate about helping you unleash your true potential and guiding you to the removal of monkey mind once and for all. 

I will share with you, a powerful way to eliminate the constant chitter-chatter of the monkey mind including information about a distance healing session which has the solution, provided you trust and believe in the power of your spirit and connection to the higher realms.


Many of my clients have had this distance healing session which helps their focus so they are able to go into alpha and theta brainwave much quicker in meditation and hypnosis, eliminating the monkey mind chatter. This session works by reprogramming the old negative programming and plugging you back into the Earths grid as well as removing the Reptilian Brain and Reptilian Overlay that we all have as part of incarnation into this 3rd-dimensional physical body, as a physical human. Every soul having a human incarnation on Earth has a Reptilian Brain and some are much more programmed into this Matrix than others due to us all having different upbringings, different past lives, different karma, different cultures, different life lessons and purposes to serve on this planet, different ancestral trauma and patterns and different beliefs. 


Where did the concept of ‘Monkey Mind’ come from?


Buddha traditions taught the Monkey Mind as a distraction of screeching, fighting, chattering and chaotic monkeys causing mental chaos in one’s mind. If you have depression, anxiety, stress, attracting constant chaos into your life, and dysfunctional relationships into your life, it is because you re tuning into the outer world programming outside of yourself and allowing that programming to interfere with your mind, allowing the chitter chatter to amplify to the point of it becoming a physical issue. Negative thoughts turn into negative emotions which turn into physically attracting more chaos into your life and this in turn creates more negative thoughts by way of attracting negative thoughts into your life like a constant negative wheel of karma. Many people with anxiety, depression or any other disorders will agree that these negative thoughts within our mind, monkey mind, are coming from the left hemisphere of the brain, the ego, the Reptilian Mind and these thoughts can be devastating and draining at its least.


In our world we are constantly bombarded with programming, from the moment we are conceived as an egg to sperm. Programming from the DNA, taking on negative thinking patterns and ancestral karma and negative programming of pain, suffering, hurt, loss, anger, victimhood, depression, loneliness, sadness, failure, unworthiness and this list goes on from the negative programming we inherit from our ancestral bloodlines, from our parents and grandparents and sometimes many generations back where there was much war, hurt, pain and suffering.  So our programming is from utero, childhood, past lives and outside influences such as our connection to the Earth’s grid. Most humans are disconnected from the Earths grid due to eons of catalystic events and this disconnection from the Earths grid has caused seals around the human body blocking a human’s light from entering the body. This light is what protects us and allows us to connect wholeheartedly to our spirit, just like we did when we had our first incarnation on Earth. So we are an easy target for negative programming and negative energies outside of ourselves to send us negative thoughts.


Another way we accept and take on these negative thoughts is by allowing Artificial intelligence programming to also target us. Many of our negative thoughts that we think throughout the day, (and the human mind can think of up to seventy thousand negative thoughts per day) are not even ‘ours’. These negative thoughts are not even our own to begin with. We are being programmed. We are programmed with this monkey mind clatter from outside influences.

Due to boredom, having to juggle many tasks at once as we go throughout our day in this materialistic world, being around more artificial intelligence technology and allowing ourselves to drop into low vibrational emotional states, we then are vulnerable for negative energies to affect us by way of entering the mind and taking control of our thinking patterns.

Can we do something about Monkey Mind to help or eliminate the negative thinking?

You may not remove monkey mind completely because sometimes its to do with your own personal negative beliefs which you would need to clear that with your own inner healing such as hypnosis, meditation or with a therapist. However much of the monkey mind can be cleared with a distance healing session, provided you trust and believe in the power of your spirit and your connection to your light.


The good news is, if you have monkey mind, you do not have to live with it and we can do many things spiritually to clear away this artificial intelligence negative programming and plug back into the grid. Daily meditation, being mindful and aligning to the vibration of gratitude are all ways to tame the monkey mind.  However if you have monkey mind, it is difficult to meditate due to the difficulty in being able to focus long enough to meditate in the first place. But there is a solution, you do not have to put up with monkey mind forever. 

On this site, I offer a combination session which is a distance healing session on Jehovian Seal, unnatural Implant and Reptilian Overlay and Reptilian Brain Removal which you can read more about here.

The Distance Healing Sessions to help remove Monkey Mind and Negative Thought Programming for better focus in everyday life, meditation and hypnosis and a noticeably clearer mind. We also do a combination session to remove the Jehovian Seals, Unnatural Implants and Reptilian Brain/Overlay at once.


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