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Manifestation session for abundance
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A transformational session with Tara approximately 1 hour 30 minutes long to manifest more of what you want into your life. We target one life area of love, career, finances, a situation or relationships. 

Manifesting abundance into your life

If you consistently find yourself attracting negative situations, people, or events into your life. By manifesting something new, you can alter the vibration you emit. A revolutionary idea, a different approach, or a new and more positive relationship. Place your trust and belief in your ability to manifest, and let Tara J Clarke guide you through a powerful manifestation session, teaching you how to successfully attract abundance into your life. It could be a fresh job opportunity, a different career path, a budding relationship, or creating new positive possibilities. You can bring anything into your life by harnessing the power of your mind, spirit, inner power, and intention. This session is approximately one hour and a quarter long and done over Zoom chat. If you're manifesting something into your life, you might undergo a transformational clearing ritual at the end of your session. This involves reciting a powerful manifestation prayer daily for 21 days to remove the old and invite new positivity.  Click on link below to book, pricing or more information or alternatively text 0481336666 to check next availability or if you require any more information before booking, please email

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