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Meditation for Channelling your spirit guides and
Astral Travel

These meditations will show you the way on how to channel your spirit guides and receive messages from your higher self into your energy field. You can also use this powerful meditation tool to also astral travel. 

Included in this meditation program is: 

  • Original version on in body channelling to channel your spirit guides. You can use this technique to astral travel too once you get used to it.  The eBook explains how to do each activity using the meditations. 

  • Version 2 of in body channelling or for Astral Travel. Music stops when you connect. 

  • Version 3 of in body channelling with no music in background. Some humans do not like music in their meditation while practicing channelling so I give those souls this option for free. This is also used for Astral Travel. 

  • Instruction eBook by Spiritual Guide and Akashic Records Psychic to get the most out of your meditation and tips for the best channeling and/or astral travel experience. 

You may listen back to the player here on the right for 30 seconds to preview. 

Distance Healing Session

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Tips and safety for meditation

Listen to the recordings laying down or slightly sitting up, its your choice.  Never listen to a recording behind the wheel of a vehicle. Use headphones or ear plugs to listen to your recording, if you are listening to these recordings directly from a laptop this is ok too as long as you are not hearing impaired. Never listen to a meditation recording while walking, jogging or in control of a moving vehicle. These recordings have been made in a recording studio by Clinical Hypnotherapist, Meditation Teacher, Spiritual Guide and Akashic Records Psychic, Tara J Clarke.


If you have any questions you are more than welcome to connect. 

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