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Nail Biting  Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy for Nail Biting


nail biting habit needing hypnotherapy
nail biting habit needing hypnotherapy

Nail biting is a stress-related nervous habit. When it comes to this nail biting habit, hypnosis gets rid of the root cause. At Signs of Abundance Hypnosis and Healing, Tara addresses various psychological factors related to nail biting. Whether you only bite your nails occasionally, or bite your nails all the time, hypnotherapy can work for you as the issue originates from the level of the mind. Hypnosis removes the cause of the nail biting. At Signs of Abundance hypnosis and healing, we deal with every aspect of the nail biting by getting to the root cause of your nail biting habit.


Many people have a constant compulsion to bite their nails. Biting fingers, sucking nails, and chewing nails can all result in damage to our nails and loss of function. Nail biting is a subconscious and nervous automatic habit. Numerous individuals who bite their nails feel ashamed and don’t know how to quit. Each nail biter is unique and the pattern as to why they bite their nails comes from different reasons for different people, such as boredom, anxiety, stress, overwhelm or suppressing emotions just to name a few. Nail biting is a constant compulsion for many people. Biting fingers sucking nails chewing nails all lead to ugly hands and bad looking nails and function. The nail biting habit is unconscious and automatic. Many nail biters are ashamed of their habit but don’t know how to stop. Every person who bites their nails is different. There are people who only occasionally bite their nails while others do it constantly. Creams, which are commonly used to cure nail biting, only provide temporary relief before the habit resurfaces. Hypnosis achieves permanent results by addressing negative thinking patterns in the mind.

During the initial session, you will experience a combination of holistic counseling and hypnotherapy. The holistic counseling session will assist in getting you on track emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, which is related to your habit to aid in the process. Following this, regression hypnotherapy will be used to identify the root cause of your nail-biting habit. This information is crucial in ensuring that we are effectively addressing the issue. It will be used in your subsequent clinical hypnotherapy session. 
In the final session, you will be hypnotized to address the root causes of your nail biting habit and to adopt positive mindset that will help you live a life free from this issue.
As part of your healing process, your sessions will be recorded and you will receive copies of the recordings. It is crucial to listen to the recording from your second visit regarding nail biting, as it can help you replace negative thinking patterns with positive ones. Studies indicate that it takes the subconscious mind 28 repetitions to alter negative habits, which is why listening to your recording daily is a vital aspect of this hypnotherapy process. Your recordings are emailed to you over a cloud where you can easily download them to your device, tablet or laptop. If you prefer a USB option, you can have your recordings placed onto a USB drive/stick for the cost of $20. When listening to your recording back to yourself at home, it is recommended to use headphones and never listen to the recording behind the wheel or in control of a moving vehicle, walking or jogging. 



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