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QHHT in Cairns

Tara J Clarke is the foremost source of past life regression hypnosis, as the most experienced QHHT practitioner in the Cairns area. Tara has hypnotized thousands of clients to journey back into their past lives, unlocking the best hypnosis for healing and understanding the past.

See more 5 Star Reviews of QHHT, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique in the Cairns area by Tara J Clarke, the most experienced Level 2 QHHT Practitioner. You can also see the reviews on the QHHT page here

Watch video of Tara J Clarke speaking about QHHT here

If you are ready to book a QHHT session, enquire with Tara J Clarke below for a chat on the below form or contact today for more information. 

Below are some reviews from past QHHT clients. 

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Reviews of QHHT in Cairns area

Reviews of QHHT with Tara J Clarke in Palm Cove, Cairns

Paul Noble, AUS

I read Dolores's convoluted universe 4th edition and quite by accident found that a practitioner named Tara was close by. I made a booking and she sent me an email with instructions on things to do even before the session. I met her in palm cove and she is probably the sweetest person I have ever met. Her voice, energy and demeanour was very calm and she is keen to help others. I was a bit nervous about the session, but she was quite re assuring and even did energy and chakra tests. The hypnosis part of the session took about 3 hours while it felt only like 30 minutes. I am so glad that I did because of the following tangible benefits I had. For the last 10 years I had anxiety issues, burning body sensations, terrible headaches, sore muscles, difficulty to sleep for which I had tried Chinese medicine, acupuncture, acupressure, faith healers, reiki, pranic healing, aromatherapy, scented oils, tribal & herbal medicines, visualizations, English medicine, Tibetan medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, Homeopathy, various massages, naturopathy, siddha medicine, various cleansing, mediations, yoga etc. and had spent over 15,000$ desperate to find a cure. Since after the session I slept like a baby with no eye cover and ear plugs where till the night before even with ear plugs it was too noisy. The body has cooled down(confirmed by my wife who's a doctor as well) and the plaguing muscle soreness which prevented me from playing sports has disappeared overnight. It's as if I have a new body and the nervous systems have calmed down. The mind is calm and grounded and there is no irritation or emotional imbalances anymore. There is a new found understanding and respect of the world and people and nothing close to this had every happened even after 12 years of meditation and mindfulness. I suspect it did release some energy blocks and removed a large amount of karma which none of the saints or holy people I had spent months with could ever do. Everything I had spent lot of money, efforts and years to cure my system was done effortlessly in a few hours! I am like a new person and strongly recommend everyone to try it and Tara is simply the best person to do it. Thanks!

Rachel Rosewarne, AUS

I received so much from my QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique session experience with Tara. I am doing amazingly well from it, its helped motivate me, keep my in touch with my guides, I was able to eliminate negativity in my life, make sure you listen to your recording, you will gain so much from it like I do. Tara you truly have helped me so much, thank you so much, I feel lighter and brighter than ever and you truly have changed my life!

Dannielle Morris, AUS

WOW is all I can say! I've been to a number of hypnotherapists and wellness coaches in my life and being a coach myself, I am truly grateful to have crossed paths with Tara as she is an amazing healer! Very intuitive, precise and brings forth amazing results! Thank you so much Tara for your dedication, insight and heart xxx

Amanda Luff, AUS

My first experience of hypnosis has been more than I ever thought it could be. Tara is incredible, I couldn't recommend her enough. Tara led me through a past life regression, she was delicate, gentle and persistent. I had an amazing result, it was an experience I will never forget. I will definitely do it again.

Becky Beane, UK

Tara instantly had my attention through revealing a traumatic experience she had picked up on in my childhood, before i'd even met her. This surprised me as I'd had many flashbacks and could not quite put my finger on what had happened. As soon as Tara mentioned the incident she saw in her visions, I was blown away. This really set the tone for the rest of the session and helped me to open up about everything I was looking to achieve. Tara is incredibly intuitive and honest with her approach, she focuses on what's holding you back from achieving your true potential and believing in your self. She will help provide answers, clarity and solutions, helping you process many things you may not have been able to understand or even remember. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about my past lives which was fascinating and every single one we discussed, helped me to lift the lid on certain behavioral traits which were affecting my growth so that I can re-wire my habits. These past weeks has been a huge growth phase for me and I am excited for the future. It helped me begin working on projects I was holding myself back from due to insecurity self doubt & empowered me to a plan of action so that I can start living my best life. I highly recommend working with Tara to overcome obstacles in life and understand yourself. Tara is amazing at what she does with passion and love.

Erika Flaag, USA

Thank you so much for your time and guidance! I learned so much from you and I feel like my life has changed forever! I can't wait to do the research and listening to the recording. I will stay in touch and let you know how things are going. Thanks again for everything, and my crystals. I will keep them with me everywhere. Can't thank you enough, Tara!

Joanne Duncan, AUS

I have now had two QHHT Quantum Healing hypnosis sessions with Tara and both were amazing and very different journeys. Tara guided me into a past life which was visually very clear and I was able to describe a number of events which took place in this life. She then took me to a life between lives where I went into a healing temple and was given a beautiful healing by powerful light beings. As my health issue is a genetic one, we then called the Archangel Raphael to come into the room and continue with healing. Tara taught me how to make strong contact with my higher self and to channel answers from questions I asked each day on my own. The strategies she suggested worked perfectly for me and I was soon making regular contact and feeling strongly that it was not my ego mind giving answers. When we did the second hypnosis session, I again went into a strong past life which gave us information as to why I am having the health issues I am today and then when we asked questions of the subconscious, I was able to answer without hesitation, knowing it was not my ego mind. This was an amazing session and probably only made possible by Tara’s incredible skills and her commitment to assisting me to find the answers I needed. Tara gives so much of herself to each of her clients and ensures we have the very best possible outcome by tailoring each session to suit a person’s need. I would recommend her as a skilled hypnotist without hesitation and will continue to seek her guidance when necessary.

Lisa Aston Michael, AUS

Tara changed my life. Literally. I had been in a very dark place for way too long. She is the master healer. Thank you, thank you, thank you Tara. Eternally grateful.

Michelle Harrison, AUS

My session with Tara was 5 stars plus!! My QHHT session cleared up many questions I had and the insights keep coming after listening to the recording and talking with family. All of the stars aligned to allow me to have my session and I am so grateful for that. I am sure the gifts from my session will continue to grow exponentially as I move forward with a new confidence and trust in my own abilities.

Belinda Louise, AUS

Wow is all I can say. I had an amazing experience with my Quantum Healing Hypnosis session with Tara and received lots of insight into the blocks I was holding onto and since they have been removed I feel lighter and more aligned on my path. It was insightful and offered me clarity into a long standing injury I had sustained. She also showed me her style of channeling which was amazing. The session given me much strength into moving forward on my path. It was truly life changing and I would highly recommend.

Lana Williams, AUS

I had a QHHT session with you in August 2021 and this session was pretty much a transformation for me. Thank you so very much! Lana. W.

Lesley Kennedy, AUS

This session was the most powerful, deep, insightful energy and so insightful on my spiritual awakening path I have ever experienced and the wisdom and healing messages I will always remember. I am so grateful to you and all that you do to help humanity grow. 🙏

Joshua Preci, AUS

Five years ago I met Tara and had an amazing hypnosis experience that helped me on my path. I recently had a second one and highly recommend her services, she is naturally very gifted.

Katie Gunn, AUS

It was a very good experience and one that I would love to have again. But not for a while. You're amazing! K. Gunn

Vanessa B, AUS

At first I was a bit hesitant to part with the money but every minute of this session was worth it. I learnt a lot about my past and why I suffered traumas of the past and got some great wisdom back from my higher self on what to do moving forward which is helping me on my path now in relationships. The past life information was also very rewarding. Great session and Tara was very nurturing and kind. I’m looking forward to having another one when I can afford it.

Angelina Bella, AUS

I had a powerful session with Tara. Not only did I get my ‘why’ questions answered but my past life opened me up to so many realisations in my life. Since having this past life session I am much more in tune with my high self, life purpose and understand so much more about my life path. Tara was extremely kind, helpful, professional, insightful and gentle. I will be back.

Amanda Du Bruyn, AUS

Tara is very good at this! She took me to 2 past lives and she helped me to revisit a 3rd one. It was surprisingly easy to get there. Although an extremely intense experience, it was very healing. We've managed to solve lots of issues I had. I'm saving up for another session because it is definitely worth it! I've taken my daughter to her too. Next session I will be taking the two men in my life, my son and husband. If you struggle to tap in, Tara will guide you. I went to 5his place I always go to in my dreams. So familiar but so far away...I can tap in much easier now and I've met one of my guides. Amazing! Highly recommend!

Corinne Louise, AUS

Absolutely loved my session with Tara wonderful woman and a great practitioner. Highly recommended!!!

Ian Ghidella, AUS

This session was an awesome experience for my first time. Tapping into the subconscious for the answers I needed has been beneficial to move forward in life and business. My past life regression in the QHHT session is a huge help in learning how to be more intuitive to overcome obstacles and challenges faced everyday. To get the most benefit from this session is to listen to the recording on a weekly basis.

Penny Sandilands, AUS

I had a past life reading and session with Tara and I was amazed at how good it went and how good Tara is. Thank you so much. I felt completely at ease 5 Stars!

Steve Spiritboy, AUS

I had the fantastic adventure of a past life Regression with the lovely Tara Clarke. It opened up a whole new world for me to learn from. Her dedication and knowledge enabled me to quickly regress to a past time and learn from that experience long forgotten. Highly recommended!

Syrie Corradini, AUS

Amazing experience! Came away feeling positive, energized, inspired and motivated. Thank you Tara.

Lance Mihaere, AUS

Tara has a different type of spiritual awareness, that is in harmony with her desire to improve ones journey to a better life style; with knowledge from her previous qualifications & combining this with a path that Tara is following at this time in her own journey, I found she was able to stop my busy mind (monkey mind) and to really hear & focus on her words & requests. Tara is a wonderful person, right from the time that I entered into her practicing clinic, the clearings, follow up information, my journey & departure was nothing but professional, and a credit to her.

Mitchell Ferguson, AUS

I highly recommend Tara! She is not only very skillful and knowledgeable but she makes you feel so comfortable before the session which for me was very important!

Mira Mikulic

I have recently had a past life regression session with Tara. Even though I've had many similar sessions before, Tara prepared me for hers very professionally. In an introductory email, Tara explained that she would be using Dolores Cannon's method of guidance to access my akashic records where my previous lives are archived. She included a link to Dolores' information about this method. Tara then advised me to think of a possible life that I would like to review and to prepare questions that I would like answered. As well as making a practical suggestion not to drink much before the session so it could be completed without physical interruptions. Tara made me very welcome before the session. She clarified my questions and put me at complete ease before starting the regression. As a result, I was able to access a relevant past life quickly and with great clarity. After the session, I was able to confirm through internet the two places I had lived in during that particular life. It gives me great pleasure to recommend Tara as a very competent and empathetic hypnotherapist that helped me to receive answers and guidance to my questions pertaining to this life.

Ian Ghidella, AUS

This session was an awesome experience for my first time. Tapping into the subconscious for the answers I needed has been beneficial to move forward in life and business. My past life regression in the QHHT session is a huge help in learning how to be more intuitive to overcome obstacles and challenges faced everyday. To get the most benefit from this session is to listen to the recording on a weekly basis.

Cherie Whitehouse, AUS

My past life experience with Tara was amazing and inspiring. I had a feeling of total peace and an awakening of spiritual enlightenment. I had visions of being an angel dressed in white, feeling so peaceful, without any material attachments. Ironically, this was my reasoning for coming to do the regression and all of my questions were answered, my loneliness healed, as now I know that I am not alone. Tara managed to put me in touch with my parents, my parents were present with a total love of spirit. Thank you Tara for letting me go there. Love and Light, Cherie.

Michelle Piro

Lovely lady, great at what she does, amazing experience. Definitely give her a try. Thank you Tara!


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