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Root Chakra Guided Meditation with Archangel Uriel

Root Chakra Meditation with Archangel Uriel is a powerful journey in guided meditation on your winged spirit animal to Archangel Uriel. This root chakra meditation is written and produced by Australian female and meditation, mindfulness and intuition teacher, Tara J Clarke. This root chakra meditation is 25 minutes and 55 seconds long: (25:55) and a great way to get present into the here and now and ground yourself daily. 

This root chakra meditation is a guided meditation that focuses on opening the base chakra at the root of your spine, your kundalini. If you have back aches and pains in the lower back and hips down to the thigh area, you have an issue with your base chakra also known as root chakra or kundalini, this root chakra meditation will get you on your path to connecting with Archangel Uriel and activating your root chakra for feeling a safer, more protected and grounded connection to Earth. 

This root chakra meditation journey will carry you off on your winged spirit animal into your place of wonder your own paradise where there are no fears, where you will meet your powerful Archangel Uriel and he will take your worry away on this journey. This powerful root chakra meditation (the base chakra energy centre guided meditation) is to help you unwind and let go of fears around feeling unsafe, insecure, those fears that hold you back from feeling safe, protected and security within yourself and keep you ungrounded with a sense of not belonging, a sense of not trusting and believing in yourself and others, feeling disconnected. You will be reminded in this meditation that you are a spiritual warrior connected to your beautiful Archangel energies that love you unconditionally where there is no judgement and this is put together carefully to assist you on your path to letting go of old relationships that are not serving you, letting go of feelings of ungroundedness, letting go of limiting beliefs around worry anger and suffering as well as blame victimization and other low vibrations you may be holding onto towards others. Allow your winged spirit animal to carry you away to where you are in a place of joy, calm, peace, security, safety and protection and can be your true authentic self. This meditation is aimed at assisting you to let go of your shadow self that holds you back, let go of old behaviours and fears and patterns that hold you back and make you feel like you do not belong and disconnected to society. The more you listen to this recording the more safe, secure and protected you should feel within your root chakra energy centre, your kundalini, your muladhara, your base chakra energy centre. 

You may listen back to the player here on the right for 30 seconds to preview. 

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Tips and safety for meditation

Listen to the recordings laying down or slightly sitting up, its your choice.  Never listen to a recording behind the wheel of a vehicle. Use headphones or ear plugs to listen to your recording, if you are listening to these recordings directly from a laptop this is ok too as long as you are not hearing impaired. Never listen to a meditation recording while walking, jogging or in control of a moving vehicle. These recordings have been made in a recording studio by Clinical Hypnotherapist, Meditation Teacher, Spiritual Guide and Akashic Records Psychic, Tara J Clarke.


If you have any questions you are more than welcome to connect. 

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