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Lose weight with Hypnotherapy online

Lose weight with hypnotherapy online

  • 1 hour
  • 250 Australian dollars
  • Session 1 is 1 hour: phone or Zoom: Session 2 is 75 min hypnotherapy over Zoom

Service Description

Lose weight with hypnotherapy online zoom chat. A drop-the-weight, lose-weight with hypnotherapy online program over the internet via zoom chat in the privacy of your own home. There is also an option for having this lose weight hypnotherapy program in person at Palm Cove, Cairns. For a slim, trim, more motivated and driven mind on your path to your weight loss success, this hypnosis program has never been easier. Lose weight using the power of hypnosis and other powerful tools such as mental, emotional & spiritual connection may just be your answer to dropping the weight. This lose weight with hypnotherapy online program includes a 1-hour questioning session to get to the root of your issues as to why you have been struggling to lose weight. Then a second session, 1-hour 15-minute hypnotherapy session for weight loss targeting all of the reasons why you choose to sabotage your body in the past including cravings and motivation. This lose weight with hypnotherapy online program includes a free eBook with many powerful tools to assist you on your path to living your best life as a slim, trim person, and a recording of your hypnosis session for future use. When you select the availability button, you'll have the option to pick your initial booking for session 1, which is the phone or zoom chat questioning process session. Tara will guide you through a list of questions in this first session, which will last about an hour, to create a tailored hypnosis session for your weight loss goals and challenges. Tara will ask you during this session when you want to schedule your second session, which will coincide with the start of your weight loss program. This is the service page showing price and availability. To learn more see links below: Learn more about Lose weight with hypnotherapy online program: Drop the Weight with Self-hypnosis: Sugar Cravings Self-hypnosis: Virtual Gastric Band Self-hypnosis Program (for tiny tummy and portion control): Hypnotherapy Programs at Signs of Abundance Hypnosis and Healing: Self-Hypnosis Programs: What is hypnosis?

Cancellation or Refund Policy

All services follow this generic cancellation policy. In a group workshop, you can switch to the next session as long as you give a one-hour notice. In the case of a group workshop, no-shows are non-refundable. If the original group workshop wasn’t full, provided that the original group workshop that you missed was not full, you may join a different group workshop time. With all services, you can receive a refund for illness without any problem, as long as Tara J Clarke hasn’t started working on your file. In case Tara J Clarke has started working on your file, we can proceed with a partial refund and only charging you for the time already spent in the session. Changing your mind about the booking? Rest assured, you can still receive a refund after deducting an administration fee of $100. Once the program or first session starts, this fee will be charged (as well as any other work done on your file) if you change your mind. If you have received counselling or guidance prior to the hypnosis part of the session then you will be charged a partial fee for this time given. With QHHT 5 hour sessions, a $100 cancellation fee applies. With all other services with Tara J Clarke, a cancellation fee may apply however you are allowed to change dates, provided you are giving 24 hours notice. The value of non-refundable materials like meditations, audio recordings, hypnosis recordings, or ebooks will be deducted from the refund amount. For instance, if you buy a $300 hypnosis program that includes an ebook that retails for $40 on this site. You will be charged $40 for the ebook, along with a 20% cancellation fee, due to your previous download and access. The charge is $100 and you would receive a $200 refund. If Tara J Clarke hasn't started working on your file, you'll be charged $60 ($40 for the ebook and $20 administration fee) and receive a $240 refund. Refunds are handled by third-party providers like Stripe, Afterpay, or Paypal. Please consider their refund policies as well. PayPal will also charge a fee of around 3% and allow up to 10 working days for processing your refund. If you paid with Paypal, the fee would also be charged. Afterpay may also charge an additional fee.

More info Phone or Text 0481336666


93 Cedar Road, Palm Cove QLD, Australia

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