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About Shadow and Ancestral Healing Online Workshop

watch this
video before
coming into
the shadow

What is this Shadow Healing and Ancestral Healing Online Workshop About?


Identify and release your present trigger

(this trigger will be from past life, inner child, adulthood and DNA from ancestors)

Meet your Shadow

Meet your Shadow Spirit Guide

Communicate with your Shadow Spirit Guide

Integrate your shadow

Heal ancestral karma, trauma and ties

Shamanic drum journey to retrieve your lost soul fragments

This is a healing peeling off of the layers process...

Feel free to attend any number of these shadow and ancestral healing workshops. By coming to a shadow integrating session like this, you aim to shed a layer. Consistently working on yourself is crucial for ascending into New Earth. It is important to be continuously working of yourself and doing the inner work as the need arises.  Tara keeps the price of this online group workshop affordable so that you can afford to keep coming.

This Shadow and Ancestral Healing Online Group Workshop is held once night per month and one morning per month. You can find the next availability and price in the box below. Click on the box and scroll across until you find the time in the month that is relevant to your schedule. Times are in AEST, Brisbane Australia time. 

While it may not replicate the one-on-one experience of Tara’s shadow healing session, this online group shadow and ancestral healing workshop can be equally powerful and valuable in the healing process. 


My name is Tara J Clarke. As a Holistic Counsellor, Spiritual Guide, Spiritual Mentor and  Hypnotherapist, I have supported thousands in their journey to heal from past fears, ancestral suffering, karma, soul contracts, beliefs, and negative thinking patterns. All of these are shadows. We possess hidden parts of ourselves that we are unaware of. These shadows arise as you journey through life. These shadows are derived from your ancestral dna. Your DNA originates from your ancestors. Your DNA is made up of every life you have lived, every life your ancestors have left, every trauma you and your ancestors have been through, this is in your dna, your dna holds your past suffering, hurt, trauma, karma, patterns of the past is within your dna and it is so important that you listen to the triggers that come up as go about your day. You’re here not just to heal from your past, but also to heal your ancestors. The more darkness you and your ancestors have been through, the more lessons you learn, it sounds crazy but we choose this.

Who benefits from this kind of group session:

Those that cannot afford one on one sessions

Those with:


Anger Issues

Health Issue 


Self Sabotage

Negative Thinking Patterns

Struggle with weight loss




Lack in Confidence


Money Issues

Abandonment and Loss

Fear of Failure

Relationship Issues


Disconnect or Isolation

and more...


Your soul has chosen everything you have been through to learn from.  Every experience, are lessons and part of your purpose. we can find a way to look at the past as an opportunity to learn from. The key is to embrace the darkness within, uncovering the hidden lesson. Discover a method to bring it into the open, allowing you to resonate at a higher frequency of love, light, and abundance in every aspect of your life.

What is shadow?


Before you come in for this powerful shadow clearing group workshop, think about what is triggering your lately. That is your shadow that is calling out to you, to acknowledge it. It’s the universe holding a mirror up to you, crying out for  you to acknowledge it, understand it, make and accept a new change. When we ignore our shadow, when we ignore our triggers, we continue to attract into our life the same old same thing. I will give you an example.


The shadow of the wounded self, or inner child: As we develop as children, we learn to suppress what is not accepted throughout life. As the programming from our parents, grandparents, peers and teachers takes hold we learn to suppress what does not fit into how we are expected to behave. Our fears around abandonment, rejection, failures force us to hide who we really are and push those shadow parts of ourselves into the unconscious part of the psyche, without even realising that we do this. For example, as a child you may have had separation anxiety. To cope with he situation you chose to suppress that anxiety, fear of rejection, fear of abandonment all into one shadow. Today, you struggle with public speaking and having conversations with new people because you have not yet integrated how you truly feel around being with new people in new situations and the sense of trust you may not have towards others. 



Understanding your shadow allows for positive choices and breaking free from the cycle of karma, leading to transformative change and forward progress toward abundance and new positive experiences. We all want to win the lotto, but to win the lotto, you need to be in the vibration of abundance. What practices do you engage in to align with a high vibrational frequency of gratitude, love, and abundance? Unless you do the work to peel off the old layers, to make positive changes, its going to be extremely difficult to find inner peace. Integrating the shadows that show up in your life, integrating them from dark to light, is how you heal yourself, how you find your inner self love, and peace. Once you uncover the true nature of the shadow, I’ll assist you in delving deeper into its origins, which are tied to your ancestors. The roots of your shadows are in your DNA, the DNA you hold from your ancestors. This powerful workshop is focused on healing ancestral wounds, trauma, karma, and ties. If you struggle with addiction to smoking, drugs, or alcohol, this workshop is for you. If you’re dealing with insomnia, anxiety, depression, sadness, anger management, or loneliness, this workshop is for you.


In this workshop, I guide you to your Akashic Records Spirit Guide. Once we connect, I teach you how to communicate with them, and uncover and clear your current shadow. To understand your triggers, which represent your shadow, investigate their source to release them into the past, allowing you to move forward and make improved decisions moving forward. The pain and suffering you experience in your body is related to a shadow issue and ancestral karma. It’s important to focus on personal growth and uncover layers to achieve healing. Close your eyes and enter your body. Which part of the body is in need of help? When it comes to the lower body, specifically the root chakra, there is an aspect of your relationships that requires your attention. There’s a feeling of being unsafe, possibly unprotected from those around you. The presence of trauma in the sacral area of your sexual organs could be due to past abuse or failure. Discomfort in the solar plexus area can indicate power-related challenges, such as struggling to step into your power or fear of losing control of things in your life. If you experience heart problems and back pain, it could be related to self-love and feeling unsupported. Not loving and accepting yourself or maybe you have been hurt really badly, betrayed and not forgiven the situation. Thyroid problems, neck pain, shoulder pain, and upper back pain are related to suppressing your truth. What prevents you from embracing your confidence and truth? If you have headaches, doubt, this is in your upper chakras, your third eye and there is an imbalance there which causes you to be too much in the left brain, too analytical, too self-judgemental, too doubtful, disconnected from your spirit, your higher self. Pay attention to what triggers are showing up in your life. What triggers are showing up in your body. Where in the body is there an unbalance. Begin writing about them and attend this empowering workshop dedicated to integrating your shadow and ancestral healing.


I will lead you in exploring your soul’s akashic record to gain knowledge and wisdom about the shadow. Knowledge is power. Once we establish a connection with your Akashic Records Guide during the workshop, we can retrieve the information and embark on a journey to integrate your shadow and heal. Finally, I lead you on a shamanic journey at the workshop’s conclusion to reclaim the lost fragments of your soul, enabling you to achieve harmony between your body, mind, and spirit.


By the end of this workshop, you will possess the knowledge to have more trust and belief in yourself and your connection to spirit. The further you confront your fears, shadows, and past, the more you’ll heal and ascend to higher frequencies of love, light, gratitude, abundance, and inner power.

Its good practise for your soul, intuition and ascension development into New Earth to come regularly to these shadow and ancestral healing workshops as the more you come, the more you release, the more you learn and the higher you will vibrate into ascension. Every workshop has a different theme for you and a different shadow to learn about and integrate. 

So come with me and learn about your shadows, let’s integrate them together in this fun and empowering group workshop setting.

Thank you for your time. If you can like, share to a friend and subscribe to my channel for more insight on how you can move forward to living a long, healthy and abundant life, free from the shackles of the past. From my heart to yours, Tara J Clarke

refer a friend to recieve a free workshop
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