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Hi, I am Tara J Clarke

At Signs of Abundance, I strive to provide Holistic Counselling services to all of my clients. By focusing on a range of modalities, I’m able to offer a unique approach to counselling that takes into account the individual’s mental, emotional, physical and spiritual needs.

I am also an Akashic Records Healer and I use my inner wisdom from past life experience as well as my expertise in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Regression Hypnotherapy, Past Lives, Inner Child, Meditation, Holistic Counselling and Energy Healing to help my clients understand their purpose, life lessons and discover an abundance of the best version of themselves that they can possibly be. 

I believe in the power of self-care and self-love and am passionate about helping my clients find the signs of abundance in their lives. Through one-on-one in person sessions at my practice at Palm Cove and one-on-one zoom session via video chat,  I provide the tools and guidance to help my clients reach their goals.

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By providing assistance through Holistic Counselling, Tara J Clarke aids clients in healing their minds and nurturing their spirituality. To understand the root of the issue within psychological and spiritual contexts, a health professional in this field considers the client's life experience, emotional health, and the impact of their behaviors and circumstances. Tara is also an experienced regression hypnotherapist, meditation teacher, and mentor and will improvise on her expertise in these areas to assist you into discovering your true authentic self and resolving the issue of concern to 















During a typical counseling process, the practitioner mostly focuses on listening. The client can talk about their life challenges without fear of judgment. Next, the counselor assists the client in discovering their natural wisdom and inner resources to resolve their problem. The practitioner can easily identify the client's strengths due to their advanced listening skills and techniques. These notes will be used to empower the client in developing effective coping strategies to overcome their problems and achieve their goal.



Holistic therapy sessions also offer a private and non-judgemental atmosphere, much like other types of therapy. Nonetheless, a holistic counsellor uses education along with active listening to aid in their client's healing. Mental health experts who embrace a holistic approach to counselling recognize that utilizing meditation therapy, relaxation techniques, stress management skills and in Tara J Clarke's extensive skillset with spirituality and well-rounded life experience, the use of therapies to go deep inside the issue to understand the root cause and resolving the issue by understanding the hidden truths within and empowering clients to reconnect with their inner strength.




Due to their varied life stories, every client follows a different path towards healing. Tara J Clarke is very good at guiding you to the root of your issue, to release it and let it go. To gain understanding and wisdom and get back on track, you would require one to six holistic counselling sessions. While a few individuals may find relief after just two holistic counseling sessions, those dealing with profound hurt, pain, suffering, anxiety, depression, loss, or grief might need to continue for up to 6 weeks. As we transition to the New Earth, unexpected challenges keep coming our way. Relationships fall apart. Pathways in careers shift. The nature of friendships can shift over time. We are constantly changing and transforming ourselves. Therefore, it is crucial to continue focusing on personal growth and uncovering past experiences. Engaging in self-reflection aids in comprehending the purpose behind our experiences. Engaging in introspection can assist us in attaining a greater resonance with trust, love, light, truth, and wisdom.


1 hour, 40 minute session via Online: $160

2 hour session via in person at Palm Cove, Cairns: $175
$20 off for Private Health Care Providers at Checkout. 
$30 off for Full-time Students, Pensioners or Children at Checkout. 
Hicaps Rebate is not offered at Signs of Abundance however an honourable discount is offered by Signs of Abundance at checkout if you have a valid private health insurance. Discount is also offered to full time students, children and pensioners with a valid health care card or student card. Evidence must be provided on the day, please bring your health care card, full time student ID card or government concession card as evidence. If you have no evidence, balance will be due at the start of your session. The discount amount is per session. e.g. If you are a pensioner with a valid and in date concession health care card, your discount will be $30 off the full rate. Therefore your session will be $130 online or $145 in person at Palm Cove, Cairns. To receive your discount at checkout, choose the correct payment option at the checkout. If you are short on funds, Afterpay is available at checkout. 



1 hour 40 minutes online zoom session
2 Hour in person at Palm Cove session
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Once you’ve made your reservation and payment, we’ll send you an email with a consent form that needs to be filled out truthfully. Please complete this form 48 hours before your session to ensure a seamless experience. Not completing the consent form 48 hours before your session will reduce the time available for improvisation with Tara J Clarke. 

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Or text us at 0481336666 for next availability for your first session. Or alternatively, leave a message and I will organise a time to call you back for a chat on how my Holistic Counselling services at Signs of Abundance Hypnosis and Healing can work for you. 

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