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Anxiety Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety, worry or stress including hypnosis and holistic counselling


hypnotherapy for anxiety
hypnotherapy for anxiety




3 Sessions




The first session for anxiety, worry or stress is a insightful 2 hour holistic counselling and regression hypnotherapy session to get to the root cause of your anxieties, stress or worries. This session is valuable in the direction we take in session 2 and 3. This session is recorded for your own personal use. If you feel that you only need one session for your issue, then this can be done however for anxiety, stress or worry, it is advisable to do this 3 session hypnotherapy for anxiety program. 


This session for anxiety, worry or stress is two further Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions designed just for you to get deep into your subconscious to change those negative thinking patterns and habits to positive thinking patterns and habits. This sessions are recorded for your personal use and it is important that you listen back to the recording daily or every couple of days to assist in the re-programming of your mind, to help you let go of the past, change negative thinking, learn new positive thinking and let go of fears that hold you back from being the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. 


The hypnosis sessions for anxiety, worry or stress, are all recorded and you are given a copy of each recording to listen back to, for your own personal use. This is emailed to you over a cloud and you can easily save it to your device whether it be phone, tablet or computer. If you prefer a USB option this is also available. If you want to, listen back to your recording daily for 28 days or longer. Research indicates that it requires 28 days for the mind to replace old habits with new ones, making this program an incredibly powerful tool tailored for your benefit.


In addition, a free eBook for depression, anxiety and fears will be provided to you, equipped with valuable tools including meridian tapping techniques for your issue to assist you in raising your frequency and maintaining a positive mindset on your ascension pathway to New Earth. This eBook is valuable for those that have depression, anxiety, fears, worry, stress or any other disorder that is holding you back from being in alignment with your true authentic self.  This eBook is only free with this anxiety, worry and stress hypnosis program and has many valuable tools to help you come back to your balanced self and leave the anxiety, worry and stress behind in the past, where it belongs. 

At Signs of Abundance Hypnosis and Healing, you'll experience hypnosis in a soundproof room in Palm Cove, Cairns. 

For additional information or to book, follow the prompts below or get in touch via text, email, or the form below.



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