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Jehovian Seal (Death or J Seals) and Unnatural Implant Removal 

Positions where the Jehovian Seals are in the body

J Seal (Jehovian Seal) & Unnatural Implant Removal is a distance healing session. This is a specialized method of permanently removing on all levels of ones multidimensional anatomy what are known as the 7 Unnatural Jehovian Seals and other unnatural seals and implants that are within our mind-body-spirit system. Everything and everyone that is born on Earth has the Jehovian Seals. Everyone has them at birth. They were implanted there through sorcery by the Anunnaki Alien races. Unless you have these J Seals removed, they will be with you forever, blocking your divine light. This is a contributing factor as to why many souls on their spiritual path that have chosen to have a human experience on Earth (you), struggle in the ascension path to enlightenment. If you are on a journey to ascension, in order to live your best life in your highest light, have your J Seals and unnatural implants cleared and removed as your first priority. These J Seals can often be the cause of many illnesses, suffering and pain. In severe cases, they can manifest death, hence the other name for them which is 'death seals'. The seals and unnatural implants attach to our energetic fields within the Earths grids. When they attach like this, they block our natural divine light. It is no coincidence that these seals and implants were created by sorcery to stop us from ascending!


Many people report physical problems in the exact areas where the seals are located and once they are removed, their health and experience of life improves significantly. This session is one of the most important spiritual healing sessions you can have done as part of your ascension process. You are in the privacy of your own space and this clearing is done in the higher realms at soul level. 


The seals can activate in the body, manifesting physical illness and pain, especially on left hand side of the body. When you have this J Seal Removal and Unnatural implant session, expect the original Divine Blueprint restored. Expect a better connection to Higher self. This can take up to 6 months. Removal of the J Seals and Unnatural implants does assist in the Divine Self Activation process. You can have DNA Activation to activate your DNA back to its source however if you are not fully connected into the grid, you will not fully connect into your light. You must remove the seals and implants in order to be at your original soulful self, the original incarnation you had on Earth as a light being.


Having the Jehovian Seals Removed may also assist in a much better connection of your intuition from your Higher self and as a result of this improved connection, you can start making your free-will choices, naturally. Look for the signs after your session that you are more connected. The signs from your guides, angels and intergalactic beings of the light will be there.


When you are able to restore to your original, organic imprint, you are the way to living a life with more optimal health and wellbeing. You should begin to have a sense of looking after your body and wanting to look after your body. This is why this session is a compliment to any weight loss program or compliment to any issue around low confidence and self worth. You should begin to have a sense of wanting to naturally ground yourself into the Earth more. After this distance healing session, a natural light is restored, not only to you, but the Earth's Crystalline Grid. When each and every soul having a human experience on Earth, has this experience of restoration, it is contributing towards the Earth's evolution towards frequencies of love and higher dimensions.


More psychic skills are noticed after J Seal Removal, especially from the removal of J Seal 3 at the Pineal Gland. When this is removed, this opens your possibilities up to having a much stronger connection to the divine to reach higher states such as bliss and unconditional love.


Every physical body issue we have begins at the level of the soul and our disconnection from the Earth's grid amplifies our physical issues in the body. That is why grounding and earthing is so good for us. This J Seal Removal session will help you plug back into the Earth's grid. As a result, when the seals are removed, the back, neck and knee problems may dissipate. You may notice that you breathe better. Circulation in the blood may be noticeably better due to now having a better connection between the meridian acupressure points to the chakra energy centres after the seals are removed.


The Earth and our bodies are built energetically the same way and that we are directly connected to the Earth. Humans consist of a 15th dimensional anatomy, a 12 strand DNA template connected into the Kathara grid, chakra energy centres and after having this Jehovian Seal Removal this system begins to move back into alignment because all of the damage done in the past, from catalystic events is being repaired by the clearing of these seals. 

The basic understanding of how this seal removal works, is this - if someone does any damage to the Earth's grids, then they are immediately doing the same damage to the humans living on the Earth's personal grids, DNA templates, chakra systems, because we are all interconnected as one system etc. Therefore, if you poke holes in the Earth's grids, you are poking holes in everyone's personal energy grids as well. Since the 7 Jehovian Seals exist in the Earth's grids, we "inherit" these into our own grids. Therefore, everyone on Earth has these 7 J-seals in their bodies on their individual axiatonal line 7. There have been many, many cataclysms in Earth's history that have affected us, and this is what has reduced our life span, brain function, and spiritual awareness.

But the 7 Jehovian Seals are the worst of these, especially now, because we are in the middle of a Stellar Activation Cycle, so the seals are activating in people's bodies, causing degeneration and pain. This is the time to do the clearings in order to get your energetic system back into alignment. More an more humans are waking up to this realization that everything starts at the level of soul, that physical body issues start at the level of the soul and the soul is interconnected to the planet as part of the 15th dimensional anatomy. Our 12 Strand DNA template was disrupted eons ago when Draconian, Reptilian, Annunaki and Zeta Races corrupted and took over the planet, slowly dumbing down the human race with power, control and religion. This dumbing down effects and catalytic events gave these opportunities to block our light and since Babylonia times the human race has been dumbed down more and more. But we are now heading into the Golden age, it is an exciting time to be alive and more humans are waking up from the slumber, dream spell the human race has been in since this hijacking of our planet started. 

If you haven't read 'The Law of One' book series from 1984 by James A McCarty, Don Elkins and Carla Rueckert, predicted the zombies will wake up at this time. This does not refer to actual zombies walking around amongst us. It meant that many souls that have been targeted by the cataclysmic events over time, targeted and planned by the alien races, will unblock and eventually open their pineal glands so they can start to see beyond the physical realm, get onto a more inward spiritual path of self discovery. Many souls are unplugging from the matrix and finding the blueprint of their original light again, just as they had in their first incarnation on this Earth. It is rituals like this Jehovian Seal and Unnatural Implant Removal and Reptilian Overlay Removal (learn more about that here), that will help to plug back into the Earths grid. As long as you believe in the power of spirit and manifestation and ritual this distance healing session where the Jehovian Seals and Unnatural implants are removed, will allow your soul to reconnect to its original divine soul self and allow you to start to shine more divine light, have a deeper connection to all that is and start to make more decisions with a sense that you really are a part of a divine collective consciousness. After this session, the part of the awakening and ascension process is DNA Activation and you can read more information on DNA Activation here where Tara offers distance healing, in person and zoom chat sessions to activate your DNA back to its original blueprint. 

Once you have this distance clearing session, you will be placed on a 21 Day Transmutation of Energy Ritual to help you transition into your new light. The more you trust in the process, the higher you will vibrate into your light. We open the door, clear the way and it is up to you to walk through that door. 

See Reviews to learn more about what my clients say. 

If you have any questions, you may send the form through below or check out availability, text for availability or book online below. The Reptilian Overlay Removal can be done at the time as the Jehovian Removal and Unnatural Implant Removal Session. If the session times do not resonate with you, please contact Tara and she will do her best to fit you into a time slot for your highest good. 

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