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Reptilian Overlay Removal Distance Healing Session

Please read all of this to get an understanding of what this distance healing session is about. This Reptilian Overlay Removal session involves the removal of reptilian brain and is a distance auric clearing done by ritual in the higher dimensions at the level of your soul, to transmute all negative attachments associated with the reptilian energies and negative patterning associated with them so that the negative thought patterns targeting the soul will stop becoming the target and you can start to feel less negative thinking throughout your day or attract less negative experiences and situations as you go about your day. 

There are two different kinds of ways souls can receive energy to survive on the Earth. By meditating and receiving vital force energy from source and higher realms. Or drain energy from other souls having a third dimensional experience on Earth. Starseeds are higher dimensional beings choosing to have an experience on Earth and we receive our vital force energy from connecting into the higher realms in prayer, dreamtime, manifestation and meditation. If you are reading this, you more than likely, are a starseed. However, lower 4th dimensional beings  such as the Draconian, Reptilian, Zeta and Annunaki Races, cannot connect to vital force energy as they have chosen a long time ago to disconnect from the 5th dimensional grid and receive their energy from draining other souls. That is, us starseeds. 

Humans are souls in a third dimensional body and have been the target of negative energy coming from Draconian Races, Zeta races, Reptilian Races and Anunnaki Races since the Earth was hijacked by these races, eons ago. When the Earth was hijacked by these races, it allowed these alien races to take control of the Earth in a slow subtle way, slowly dumbing down the planet.


We are now moving into the Golden Age of ascension with many opportunities coming into fruition, such as this distance healing session, to disconnect from all detrimental effects of artificial intelligence that has been placed on us by these races, to drain our energy fields and block us from accessing our light. When one disconnects from these alien energies, they are then able to re-connect to their higher self and for the first time in their lives, receive vital force energy in meditation, prayer, manifestation and dreamtime.  A majority of our population are being targeted by these outside forces and drained of their vital force energy, that's if they even had access to this vital force energy to begin with. Most humans have been disconnected from the Earth's grid all of their lives and cannot access their light wholeheartedly due to this draconian system of the matrix, draining their energy systems and most humans are completely oblivious to it. Have you often wondered why you meditate and feel no different afterwards, or feel good for a little while and then drained again later? This is because your energy is being siphoned by these alien races. 


As a result, this Reptilian Overlay and Reptilian Brain Removal distance session is helping humans to reconnect into their true and authentic light. When you allow these negative thought patterns (which are being sent to you by these races as a form of mind control and attack), these patterns will keep you blocked in the Earths 3rd dimensional grid. As a result, this dumbing down makes it near impossible for a soul to reconnect to their light.


If you are ready to take the next step on your spiritual journey of ascension then do not skip having this overlay removed. This is the reason much of your light is being blocked. At Signs of Abundance, we recommend having the Jehovian Seal, Unnatural Implant Removal session in combination with this session, and we can do a combination session of both together here


Tara J Clarke thrives in helping people free themselves from the influence of energy draining from these alien races. Once you have this Reptilian Overlay Removal via distance session, you should notice a difference in your connection back into the 5th dimensional grid which should  assist on your path to ascension as you are then able to connect into your true authentic light, without the mask. 

If you are trying really hard to meditate and connect in with your higher self and are blocked by lingering negative thought patterns of the ego, this is sometimes your own personal limiting beliefs but more often it is the reptilian brain being targeted by outside influences. This is why many humans struggle to focus when meditating. This artificial intelligence attack by other races, interrupts your connection to your true authentic light from the higher dimensions, causing what some refer to as 'monkey mind' which is why after this Reptilian Overlay Removal session, you should have a much better clarity of thought.


These galactic beings are also able to send false light to your auric field to make you think that you are connecting with the light when you may not be or they may confuse you into thinking you are on the right path. Once you have this distance session, you should feel less distraction from outside of yourself and should notice more true authentic messages coming through that is your true connection to your light, your higher self. Some clients notice straight away a difference and for others it can take months. We have had a lifetime of mind control programming so be patient and the more positive and trusting you are in this process, the sooner you will notice positive change. 

This Reptilian Overlay Removal Session will also clear karmic imprints and karmic energies, negative entity attachments and agreements made with other negative entity attachments or alien races or artificial intelligence and negative thought forms, karmic imprints inherited from bloodlines of ancestors or from parents going through negative targeting at conception, fetal integration or in the DNA. 


If you are experiencing negative thinking and negative thought patterns and lose focus with 'monkey mind' whilst trying to meditate, you have artificial intelligence interference in the reptilian brain. What would also contribute to this issue is that we have been programmed from a young age into a Draconian matrix system to believe what they tell us to believe. This session may assist in eliminating a lot of that unnecessary programming.


Most humans have the Reptilian Overlay, especially the ones choosing to have a more 'physical' experience, a third dimensional experience on Earth with no spiritual beliefs or connection to our light in the higher realms. Those humans choosing to have a very 'physical' experience on this planet and not taking time out of their day to turn inward in meditation (which is a majority of humans on the planet), are mostly affected by Reptilian, Zeta and Annunaki negative artificial intelligence energies and are being targeted to stay locked into the ego state, that is in fear, the fight, flight, freeze state we use when we are in fear and need to make a quick decision. This part of our reptilian brain is in the left hemisphere of the brain. Listening to those negative thoughts that programming the mind, is keeping the mind in left hand side, in fear and keeping the vibration lower and keeping soul from accessing their light and blocking spiritual ascension which comes from the right hand side of the brain. As we go through the day, we are being reminded to meditate by our spirit guides, ascended masters and angels. This happens in the right hemisphere of the brain, the creative side. However, artificial intelligence energies are overshadowing those messages and tell the left brain messages such as 'I cant be bothered' or 'I don't have time'. And most are oblivious to the messages from their guides at all. Then when you might finally go to meditate you struggle with a connection due to the Draconian programming or you  may connect with the light but the messages coming through in the meditation are showing up in your life as false light messages. Its not the true light because you may be tricked by these races into thinking you are accessing the light. They do this to confuse us. A confused mind off its path is easily controlled. As a result, you would not be accessing your true authentic light due to having Reptilian Overlay and Reptilian Brain as well as other implants you can learn about here.  


Many spiritual possessions, attachments that attach to the soul and more serious negative thought patterns such as depression and anger start with this kind of negative artificial intelligence programming first and then once they are able to connect to your mind and lower the vibrational frequency of your auric field, they are then able to target through a portal, a deeper darker energy system of that frequency to eventually affect the physical  causing discomfort and disease to the body. That is if you allow it. 


Know that no energy can target you, unless you allow it. We allow it by going with the flow and allowing others to have control over us, doing what we are told and being oblivious to all of the different negative energies around us. When you can start to see everyone as energy and an interconnected, collective consciousness, you start to make positive change to protect your vital force energy from being siphoned and can more easily create a positive trajectory for yourself to ascend in vibrational frequency. 


The Earth started from a blueprint of high vibrational frequency. In order for humans to incarnate onto the planet, they too were of a high vibrational frequency. When humans first incarnated on the Earth, we were 5th dimensional souls having a human experience on Earth and 5th dimensional beings in a much higher vibrational human body. We lived in a life of an abundance of love, light, truth, wisdom and connection with our soul families in the higher realms and were able to see the light, energy and gridlines around the Earth. Over the eons, high dimensional humans have been hijacked by these alien races and its now time to let it go and find your inner light and true connection to your meridians, chakras and light of your highest frequency for your highest good.


An example of these hijackings were in Babylonian times and the fall of Atlantis where Annunaki energies were able to use trickery and cunning advances on starseed humans (if you are reading this, you are more than likely a starseed, originating from the stars or higher realms) to work their way to the top and rule the Earth. That is, convincing humans that they were not powerful and needed others to control them. As an example, eons ago, humans used to pray directly to their gods. When the Annunaki races got into power by tricking humans into thinking that they needed to be controlled, this changed their beliefs and the humans gradually began to think that they needed to go to church and pray through a priest. This was how the slavery draconian system began and souls having a human experience on Earth began to be programmed into thinking they were unworthy, worthless and needed guidance by Draconian leaders. This is how the draconian system made its way onto the planet. Through power, control and religion.  Our Earth is still guided by this dark draconian system of rules, power and control which includes mind control techniques and targeting by alien races and the Reptilian Brain is how they target humans. Its about time everyone detached from this lower power and started to turn inward to their authentic power within and get on a new trajectory of love, light, peace, truth and wisdom. Once you remove the negative programming you are on a trajectory to divine healing. 


Even if you meditate a lot and have not had the reptilian brain and overlay removal session, you may still be affected by these negative energies as they have the ability to let you believe you are connecting into your higher self however it may be false light you are connecting to. They do this to siphon your energy.  The reptilian overlay is a target on you to block your light from coming into your auric field.  


This clearing of the reptilian overlay and reptilian brain, will only work for you if you trust and believe in this process. If you do not believe that there are align races out there targeting human souls for energy, then this kind of healing session is not for you. The further you vibrate, you start to see the energies around others and understand how everything works as a collective consciousness. So you may not yet be ready for this kind of healing and this is ok too. 


As a result of having this Reptilian Overlay Removal Session, the soul may notice a shift of less negative thought patterns and monkey mind directly after the session. For some others, it may also take up to 6 months to notice positive change. We have been the target of alien races for eons so it may take a while to adjust to the new frequencies after a Reptilian Overlay Removal session.


After this distance healing session, the chakra energy center's should feel more in alignment with the meridians as the soul is infused with new neural chords, new templates and a more efficient and effective soul programming that is in a higher connection to the higher self,  after a Reptilian Overlay Removal session. When you have this distance session done, the DNA template is activated at the level of the pineal, pituitary, medulla oblongata and hypothalamus glands, DNA template divine seed blueprints allowing you to hold more light to embody the higher self, which in effect allows more light into your auric field. 

However, if you have deep seated issues in your chakras, this distance healing session will not fix those for you. I recommend working on your chakras by having an Akashic Records Reading or Past Life Regression session for peeling off the layers of being in past lives of powerlessness and helplessness, war, suffering and hurt. These layer peeling off sessions can be done via zoom chat or in person. 


This session is a distance healing session done by ritual and powerful intention on you. To have this session, just let me know your date of birth, place of birth, physical presence at time of the session and full name now and at birth so that I can differentiate you from all other souls of existence. This is how we can work on you and differentiate you from all other souls in the higher dimensions. We work in the higher dimensions, not the physical dimension, which is why you do not need to be physically present for this healing session to take place. Trust and belief in the process is important to understand how this works. Once the session is complete, you will be notified at the time of completion and emailed a 21 Day Transmutation Script to read out loud once per day, 21 Days in a row.

If you still have some negative thoughts after this session, this is your own 'personal' thoughts in the Akashic Record of your soul. That's the difference. 

If you haven't read 'The Law of One' book series from 1984 by James A McCarty, Don Elkins and Carla Rueckert, predicted the zombies will wake up at this time. This does not refer to actual zombies walking around amongst us. It meant that many souls that have been blocked by the reptilian energies amongst us, those souls trapped in this matrix, will eventually become unstuck from the matrix and unblock, open their pineal glands, get onto a more inward spiritual path of self discovery and find their light again, just as they had in their first incarnation on this Earth. It is rituals like this Reptilian Overlay Removal, Reptilian Brain Removal (this session) and Jehovian Seal and Unnatural Implant Removal session here that will help those that sleep, to wake up and begin to shine their light. 

If you are wanting to gift this session to someone you believe would benefit from it, please don't as it is important that the receiver understands the process. We can open the door, but we cannot push one through the door, unless they choose to walk through the path themselves. 


These distance sessions are done early in the morning or later in the evening. If you would like the session throughout the day, please text and we will do our best to fit you in. Get in touch today to book your Reptilian Overlay and Reptilian Brain Removal session.


The best time to have this Reptilian Overlay Removal and Reptilian Brain Removal session done is whilst sleeping or in a quiet meditative state in the privacy of your home or somewhere where you will not be distracted by others. Put a 'do not disturb' sign on your door so you can experience the full effects. One you book, you will be emailed instructions with a powerful intention.


I trust you have enjoyed learning about Reptilian Overlay Removal and Reptilian Brain Removal session and if you decide to have the session, trust your guides have lead you to this place of love, light and truth. 


From my heart to yours, 


Tara J Clarke 

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