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Past Life Reading
of a life area situation

LIFE SITUATION READING zoom chat session of your akashic record of your soul
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A Past Life Reading and Clearing to get to the root cause of a  Situation in an area of your life, by delving into the Akashic Records of your Soul, understanding it and clearing the situation in the session.

A past life reading is an Akashic Records Reading of a particular life area in your life. This past life reading has a duration of approximately one hour. This past life reading is an Akashic Records Reading and Clearing of the Akashic Record of your soul on a situation in an area of your life. This Life area reading and clearing may just be the best thing you can do for yourself to let go of an issue in your life or an area in your life that is off track or keeping you imbalanced. This is a life situation reading of your Akashic Records over zoom video chat online. You may be having troubles in the life area of love life or a situation in your primary relationship, a relationship issue with a friend or a situation with a colleague, attracting the wrong kind of partners into your life, attracting negative relationships into your life, attracting the wrong kind of career path situation, unhappy in the area of your love life, unhappy in your career or profession situation, finances or finding it difficult to hold onto money, struggling with a health issue, personal spiritual development block, a time of unrest, chaos and dysfunctional relationships. Whatever the issue, Tara J Clarke, Spiritual Guide and Akashic Records Healer can assist you in letting go of what the issue is and getting on track to focusing on the lessons and understanding and clearing the problem out of your Akashic Records. Like other readings of your Akashic soul book, you must trust and believe in this process with intention and a positive mindset. 

In this Past Life Reading , Tara J Clarke will guide you into your issue of concern to help you have direction in your life and clear the blocks and restrictions that are currently holding you back from being in alignment of your highest truth, love and abundance. You can book this past life reading on the link below, for online zoom session. If you are looking to have this session in person, text or email for next in person availability on 0481336666 or

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