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Inner Child Healing with  hypnotherapy, holistic healing therapies and spiritual guide

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About the Inner Child Healing Session with hypnotherapy, spiritual guidance and holistic healing

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"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate"


Inner Child Shadow Healing Reviews Page

"There is something always in the subconscious that is wanting to surface to the conscious"

Sigmund Freud

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This is a 2 HOUR Inner Child Healing or Hypnotherapy Session which integrates past experiences to reveal the blocks from the dark night of the soul. Depending on your energy, hypnotherapy or guided meditation is used to guide you to your inner child. 




The deep part of you mind, your subconscious mind is where your Inner Child resides. Your inner child is an aspect of your personality that began in utero or in childhood when you emerged as an intelligent, playful, curious being who was emotionally sensitive and very vulnerable.   The formation of Your Inner Child was influenced by your interactions with parents, grandparents, peers, teachers, coaches and others, both positive and negative.

By praising and encouraging the Inner Child, self-esteem and a positive self-image are nurtured. Trauma,  neglect, abandonment, or abuse (emotionally, physically, and/or sexually) wound the child within, who suffers deeply, and expresses a damaged sense of self. The coping mechanisms that develop to protect the child, when carried into adulthood,  sabotage the accomplishment of their goals and dreams, and undermine living a healthy, fulfilled life.

Inner Child hypnosis is a therapeutic technique that grants direct access to the subconscious mind through deep relaxation and focus. The subconscious mind in this state is open to healing the Inner Child, cultivating a positive mindset, and inspiring productive actions for success.

Often the best therapist is the one that has gone through what you seek healing from. Tara is not only experienced having hypnotized thousands of clients, but also have much life experience in abuse. Tara comes from a background in poverty and has healed from a childhood of much pain, suffering, abuse, addiction and violence. She has been through emotional, physical and sexual abuse and understands the needs of the inner child. Choosing a therapist with life experience as well as work experience is key to an easy transition to healing your inner child. 

To warm into working with your inner child, to the left of this message is the blue box to buy the guided inner child meditation. It will more than likely make you cry, however push through it as crying is releasing water, releasing water is releasing the emotions, releasing the emotions is healing! Buy inner child healing meditation here or click here for more information on the inner child healing meditation




There are many reasons to have inner child healing session with Tara J Clarke at Signs of Abundance Hypnosis and Healing:

  • Heal Emotional Pain

  • Let go of abandonment

  • Let go of rejection

  • Step into your power and confidence

  • Heal the hurt from physical abuse

  • To overcome sexual abuse

  • Overcome Self-Sabotage

  • Achieve Goals and Dreams

  • Build Confidence and Self-Esteem

  • Stop Negative Self-Talk

  • Improve your physical health

  • Help with addictions

  • To calm anxiety, depression and fears

  • Love Yourself Unconditionally




Physical abuse in childhood such as physical violence is not acceptable behaviour. Physical abuse on all levels, even mild abuse such as slapping, damages a child and is classed as childhood trauma. Most children that have been physically abused end up in downward spirals in their teens and in their early adulthood.  Physical violence in many cases leads to the victim believing that they did wrong. This leads to the victim of abuse believing that they are not worthy of respect and deserved the abuse. This in turn leads to self-sabotaging patterns in their life where they may decide to make choices to attract more of the same physical abuse into their life. This may be the start of an unhealthy habit such as smoking, binge drinking of alcohol and turning to taking drugs or narcotics. This may also lead to attracting more physical abuse into their life such as the wrong abusive partners. For example: Many times I have seen women remain in physically violent situations because they think they are receiving the attention they lacked in childhood from their parents. Physical violence towards a child can be a result of extreme frustration, anger, rage, or past childhood abuse experienced by the abuser. In many cases I have seen, this abuse is within the family as generational karma and vows taken in past lives where the suffering and pain continutes from generation to generation. When you begin to work on yourself inwardly, you can release the generations of abuse of your past, break the cycle and begin to love and accept yourself. Many of our generations back, our ancestors have been through a lot of war, suffering and victimhood. However, the behavior of physical violence is never excusable.  These actions communicate to the child that they are a failure, unworthy, unloved, and undeserving. In many cases of physical abuse, the child has been abandoned and rejected by one or both parents. Too often victims of childhood abuse grow up with the inability to feel secure and trust others.  This impedes their capacity for a victim of physical violence and physical abuse to form fulfilling professional, social, or romantic connections. When you can go back in time and face the physical abuse situation head on, understand why you went through the abuse, you can reach a level of pride, courage, willingness, neutrality, acceptance and eventually forgiveness and peace. Especially self-forgiveness. It is important to forgive yourself for everything you went through in your past, in order to heal.




The Inner Child's self-esteem is wounded by negative messages and harsh criticism from parents, grandparents, peers, teachers and guardians. Frequently, the words are loud or even screamed. The tone of voice can occasionally be sarcastic or mocking. Engaging in verbal abuse or name-calling can cause severe emotional distress for a child that can be imprinted within their psyche and damage their spirit for life.

Negative messages are commonly expressed through negative body language, which can be quite intimidating. Anger and abandonment can be inferred from glaring or walking away. Even though this is not physical abuse, this kind of emotional abuse is just as traumatic to the inner child.

The child often interprets their lack of parental involvement and caretakers' attention as a sign of their own worthlessness. When a child's needs of survival and nurturing are not met, the Inner Child feels abandoned and neglected.  As a child, they develop coping mechanisms such as acting like they are invisible in the room, perfectionism, people pleasing, not speaking their truth to avoid conflict. All of these negative behaviours may provide some relief and is a coping mechanism to the inner child. However, as adults, these behaviour's hinder their success and well-being because the true authentic feelings, patterns, and limiting beliefs are suppressed. Where these feelings, thoughts, patterns, and limiting beliefs are suppressed depends on the situation. If it is around not speaking their truth, it will be in the throat chakra. If it is around sexual abuse, it will be in the sacral chakra. If it is around being a failure or powerlessness, it will be held in the solar plexus chakra. If it is around decision-making, it will be held in the head. If it is around abandonment or rejection, the inner child issue will be held in the heart. When we have blockages in our chakra energy centres this causes a tear in the chakra. When there is a tear in the chakra, we attract negative energy that reflects the vibrational frequency of the energy we hold. So if we are angry from childhood, we attract more of that anger and if we do not do the inner work to heal the chakra tear, the anger is amplified and open for psychic attack or worse, spiritual attachment. If we do not work on our inner child, over time, we can attract dark entity attachments without even realising. Dark entity attachments are the reason for downward spirals in your life and heightened emotions. Tara J Clarke skills extend to the removal of these negative entity attachments at soul level so that you can be free from energies that drain you as you go about your day. 




Inappropriate touching, flirtatious behavior, uncomfortable stares, sexual suggestions, and explicit sexual content (drawings, photos, videos) are all forms of sexual abuse. All of these are conditions of sexual abuse and violate a child’s innocence and committing sexual abuse.  The resulting damage can have lifelong effects, including confusion, avoiding loving relationships with a partner, shame, self-blame, self-sabotage and a negative self-image. Often, memories of these events are hidden in the subconscious, but the pain and suffering continue to manifest in unhealthy ways. For this reason, hypnotherapy that targets the deep subconscious mind is the best tool to use, to heal the inner child.



The inner child's psyche is profoundly impacted by abuse and neglect. A majority of humans neglect to treat their inner child. Neglecting the inner child can result in problems such as anxiety, panic, depression, self-hatred, and lack of concentration.

Emotional nourishment from others, such as love, encouragement, support, and appreciation, is vital for healing and overcoming the Inner Child's wounds. If you've experienced sexual abuse but find a compassionate and patient partner, it can greatly aid in healing your inner child. Unfortunately, not everything is fortunate, and the law of attraction attracts people who resonate on the same frequency. For instance, if we hold onto anger, the universe will keep presenting us with people and events that provoke our anger. We will continue to project the anger and reflect it back as like attracts like. We will continue to become entangled in this downward spiral of anger until we finally choose to do something about the anger and rise above it, by having an inner child healing session. The universe brings people into your life who will make you feel resentful if you hold onto resentment. The mirror will keep reflecting back at you until you address the underlying cause of your anger.

Abuse survivors can receive support from peers, teachers, or friends in addition to parents or caretakers. Having a wise and loving partner as an adult can provide additional support for healing. Unless you are living in a love bubble or have high vibrational friends, most individuals lack the ability to provide the necessary understanding, empathy, and support for meaningful healing. The key to finding peace, joy, abundance, and living a better life is by doing inner child healing work to uncover the root of your blocks and restrictions, limiting beliefs, and unhealthy patterns.

If you experienced childhood trauma or abuse and are unable to find joy, love, and peace, it's time to embark on inner child healing.

Your vibration increases when you engage in healing. Each time you shed a layer of the past, your vibration rises to a higher frequency. See Dr David Hawkins Levels of’ Levels of Consciousness here. Healing from the trauma of sexual abuse involves progressing from shame to courage and ultimately finding joy. Many victims of inner child abuse only need one session. Depending on your situation, you may require multiple sessions, but each session with Tara J Clarke will help you uncover and heal past wounds.

The Inner Child cannot heal naturally over time. Often the inner child needs professional help to heal.  There are many forms of therapy available.  Tara J Clarke offers Inner Child hypnotherapy and spiritual guidance to help you explore the root cause of your inner child, gain understanding, learn lessons, and help you put all of the knowledge into place, to make positive choices of divine wisdom for the future.



Dr David Hawkins Scale of Consciousness Map

The Dr David Hawkins Map of Consciousness shows that you can move out of the lower vibrations of guilt and shame and move into the higher vibrations of reason and integrity in Acceptance, neutrality and courage. With inner child therapy with Tara J Clarke, she takes up to the next level of love, reason, joy and peace by really helping you understand why you went through your past experiences, at the level of the mind and soul. 


  • A sense of acceptance

  • Less confusion moving forward

  • An opportunity to forgive and let go

  • A sense of belonging

  • A healthier sex life with your partner

  • Feeling ready to attract a partner into your life

  • Moving into your power and courage

  • Self-love

  • Increased self-worth and self-esteem

  • A sense of safety and security

  • Improved relationships and emotional well-being

  • Improved self-understanding

  • An opportunity to heal old wounds 

  • An opportunity to heal generational karma and break that cycle

  • Feeling more confident to speak your truth in situations


To save time during your session, kindly complete the online booking form at checkout. The session can take place either over zoom chat or in person at Palm Cove, Cairns.

Tara J Clarke practices healing through the Akashic Records. When booking this inner child healing session, you will be prompted to give your birth details on the form for accessing your Akashic Record of your soul. This information Tara uses to access your Akashic Record that is affecting your inner child. This is to see whether you have any curses, vows, soul attachments, karma, generational karma or ancestral blocks that are amplifying the situation. This information you likely will not know consciously, but this information is important in helping you get to the root of your inner child issues. 

With her expertise as a holistic counselor, Tara is highly skilled at conversing with you to uncover the root cause of your inner child issue and the individual or situation it pertains to. During the beginning of the session, you will have a conversation about your childhood and the reason for your session.

Hypnotherapy will be used to regress you back in time to your inner child that needs to be healed. If hypnosis makes you uneasy, Tara can also guide you to your inner child through a guided meditation instead. 

During the guided journeying, we collect the necessary information to comprehend your situation. Uncover resolve, acceptance, insights, and the optimal course of action.

To facilitate the shift from past wounds to positive thinking, at the end of your inner child healing session, you will be placed on a 21-day energy transmutation ritual. This is to assist in the transitioning of old negative patterns to new positive patterns at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. All you will need your end, to complete this powerful transition ritual is a white candle. If you do not have one, Tara makes and sells her own natural soy candles for $10 each or alternatively, make sure you have a candle to start your ritual the day of your inner child session. 

Book online or phone or text for next availability on 0481 33 6666 or if overseas: +61 481 33 6666. Sessions can be held over zoom chat Australia wide or worldwide and in person at Palm Cove, Cairns, North Queensland. 

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