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Integrate the shadow clearing
and healing session

Akashic Records Shadow Inner Child Reviews

About this powerful and insightful Integrate the shadow clearing and healing session 

Jungs model diagram

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate"


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"There is something always in the subconscious that is wanting to surface to the conscious"

Sigmund Freud

A person integrating their shadow in the session



This is a 2 HOUR Shadow Clearing Session which integrates past experiences to reveal the blocks from the dark night of the soul.




The shadow is when we choose to hold onto negative patterns from the past, we hinder our own personal growth and block our inner light. What fragments of ourselves are we holding onto that are not our highest truth?  The shadow eludes our awareness until exposed to light. The name "shadow" was given to it since it's prohibited from our visible existence. By holding onto your shadows, you hinder your true self and potential. The shadow is all of the parts of ourselves that we choose to deny, hide or reject.


Carl Jung describes the shadow as the hidden part of the human psyche.

According to Jung, the psyche is a self-regulating system that aims to balance opposing qualities and promote personal growth. The ego, or conscious mind, represents the conscious aspect of the psyche. The personal unconscious and collective unconscious are both unconscious aspects of the psyche.


By holding onto your shadow, you are not living your best life because you are living the life that others want you to live that are far from your true authentic path. When you uncover what your shadows are, you are then able to integrate them into the light and make new positive choices that reflect a life of abundance, joy, peace and prosperity. In this shadow healing session, Tara J Clarke offers a thorough 2 hour experience which incorporates the blocks and restrictions you hold in your Akashic Record and we guide you on an amazing journey to uncover and integrate the shadow. Bringing the unconscious parts of yourself into the light, is how you heal and integrate your shadow, to find peace, joy, love, gratitude in everything and ultimately enlightenment. The shadow is not always negative parts of our personality but can also be positive. What we appreciate in others is the untapped potential we have within ourselves and also a reflection of our shadow self. 




Shadow work requires facing and resolving negative energy, intentions, and situations where you've been hurt by others or society, like persecution, victimhood, emotional cannibalism, slavery, insignificance, perfectionism, unworthiness, failure, lesser than, emotional cannibalism, ugly, matyr, sabataging, obsessiveness and more. When we access our shadow, we are reclaiming parts of ourselves that were once our divine soul blueprint. As a result, when we do the shadow work, we are understanding why we have suppressed the emotions, information and negative patterns. Once we grasp the concept, we can gradually modify our methods to merge the shadow with the light. Tara J Clarke is a spiritual guide, holistic counsellor, meditation teacher and hypnotherapist specializing in inner child and past lives. Tara accesses everything she knows in order to use shadow work as an empowering, insightful and enlightening process. Her style of shadow work allows you to be guided to the tools to let go of the old suppressed fragments of the self and move into a higher frequency into ascension.  


We arrive into this world with a blueprint, whether we call that DNA, genetics, or spiritual blue print. Our unresolved experiences from past lives and ancestral history are carried with us when we incarnate. As we are conditioned from childhood, certain triggers bring back memories of our shadow past whether it be in utero, childhood, adulthood or past life. Similar to a sponge absorbing water, shadows take in everything we're not prepared to face and hide them away in the darkness. When we arrive into the Earth plane, into this third-dimensional incarnation, at soul level, we already have many shadows upon our psyche. We can learn valuable lessons from these shadows, for the highest good of ascension. Having awareness of your own shadow parts is crucial to understanding why you choose to make the negative choices in your life, why you choose to be around negative people in your life or why you choose to sabotage things in your life. Once you do the shadow work, it is important to have discernment. In this way, you can incorporate the shadow into a more complete sense of self. As you blend your shadow with the light, a pathway to ascension and your authentic divine soul blueprint will emerge.


By doing the shadow work, we ultimately empower ourselves. The shadow's power lies in disconnection from awareness and choice, projection onto others, and feeding on fear and the desire for power. Once you uncover what lies within your shadows, you are then able to understand the patterns, reflect and pause before you react. We do the shadow work, so that you can eventually step back into your power of divine sovereignty.



I will give you some examples of shadows that need to be integrated here:

The shadow of the wounded self, or inner child: As we develop as children, we learn to suppress what is not accepted throughout life. As the programming from our parents, grandparents, peers and teachers takes hold we learn to suppress what does not fit into how we are expected to behave. Our fears around abandonment, rejection, failures force us to hide who we really are and push those shadow parts of ourselves into the unconscious part of the psyche, without even realising that we do this. For example, as a child you may have had separation anxiety. To cope with he situation you chose to suppress that anxiety, fear of rejection, fear of abandonment all into one shadow. Today, you struggle with public speaking and having conversations with new people because you have not yet integrated how you truly feel around being with new people in new situations and the sense of trust you may not have towards others. 



Warm into shadow work by coming to our insightful online shadow group workshop first...


If you do not work on your shadow self, it will keep showing up as triggers as you go about your day and life. The shadow will control your life as a mirror being held up to yourself. Look into the mirror and see that the universe is showing you an opportunity to heal yourself. This can be shown in different situations such as:


When you grew up, you never felt valued or accepted by your parents or not heard. Suppressing your voice developed a fear of speaking up in adulthood which affects your ability to speak in public or to speak your highest truth.


Growing up in a poor, struggling low income family. You didn't even have your own bedroom and had to share with siblings. As a result, you resent others that are doing really well for themselves financially and may even choose to not have children due to this financial struggle from your childhood.

Being called a ‘failure’ in childhood for your create’. Coming to the conclusion that your creativity or skill is lacking and not good enough. Consequently, you opt not to create and remain unmotivated and lethargic.

As a child, being punished by going to bed without dinner. This might have caused overeating in your adulthood life, as a way to store extra food in your belly or as a reserve of fat. 

Experiencing parental rejection or abandonment during childhood, or feeling their absence, is a form of abandonment. The nurturing you required as a child, to feel safe and secure, was lacking. When you suppress these emotions, you may struggle to open up, trust, or forgive others, which can result in tumultuous and dysfunctional relationships.

Having a violent or turbulent childhood where the parents were always threatening to break up or you may have gone through seeing your parents' divorce. This may be affecting how you see your own relationships with the opposite sex. 

Having a failed relationship which lead to divorce. This may lead you towards resenting others in their good, healthy relationships. 

Growing up with a sense of insecurity and vulnerability. Thus, you decide to overeat as a means of adding an extra protective barrier to your body. 


Your fear of being ungrounded or unsupported in life may have you making choices throughout your life where you have not travelled and had enough fun and focused only on safety, security and protection in the home front first, making sure your priority was a stable home, but you seem unhappy and depressed. You may need to re-evaluate your goals and work on ways to have more fun and travel in your life. 




  • Attracting jealous people into your life or feeling jealous towards others. 

  • Drug addiction, alcohol addiction, cigarette smoking addiction  or cravings for food and sex

  • Feeling sad, lonely, depressed or despair

  • Constant pain and suffering in areas of the body

  • Anxiety, separation anxiety or fear of public speaking

  • Dependency issues on others or codependent

  • Unable to feel in control and step into your power in vulnerable situtions or having a sense of having to control everything, power struggles. 

  • Not telling the truth, avoiding the truth, being in denial or avoiding the truth when you know this is wrong

  • Procrastinating and avoiding what keeps showing up in your life

  • Resentment and anger towards people in your life or being passive-aggressive or bitter, angry or rage towards others which also may or may not include violent situations or reacting to situations

  • Victimhood, guilt, shame and discontentment or regret



The shadow will keep presenting itself to you until you make the decision to learn more about it, understand it and integrate it. Start understanding what parts of your shadow need to be integrated, by taking time out to recognise your shadow.


  • Where in your life do you find annoyance? e.g. women with short hair

  • Who in your circle do you dislike and why? e.g. men who do not stand up for themselves. 

  • Who in your circle or environment fascinates you? e.g. good looking people only get your attention. 

  • What type of people do you not like on social media? e.g. paedophiles or abusers. There may be something lingering in the shadows much deeper to what is on the surface. 

  • What types of people on social media do you idolize? e.g. people with money and fast cars. Why do you think this is? 

  • What patterns or behaviours do you repeat in your life? e.g. judging others on their appearance or values. Or if you hold pain, this is from choosing to hold onto patterns of self-sabotage/victimhood and suffering. These patterns of suffering are more than likely ancestral.




With this Shadow Clearing Session with Tara J Clarke, experienced Spiritual Guide, Hypnotherapist, Holistic Counsellor, Akashic Records Psychic Healer and Meditation, Intuition and Mindfulness Teacher, you will integrate past experiences to reveal the blocks from the dark night of the soul.

You choose to work with your shadow, in order to find emotional balance and freedom, stepping into our power in all areas of our life

To experience more joy, flow and peace, fulfilling relationships and peace in our life

Understanding what we went through in order to learn to be kinder and more compassionate towards others

Be more accepting and forgiving, and be self-aware of your journey so far. Judge yourself and others less. By doing this, you can release the constraints of your inner child or tortured and hurt parts of your adult self. As a result, moving forward, after shadow clearing therapy, you can make more mature decisions based on your growing wisdom from operating in the shadow unconsciousness. So if you want to learn more about integrating your shadow and ascending the darkness into the light, shadow work is for you.


The shadow clearing session can be done in person at Palm Cove, Cairns area or online via zoom chat. You may be placed onto a 21 Day Transformation Clearing Ritual after your session in order to assist in the integration of your shadow process. If you would like to make a booking, proceed on the link below where you will be given more information including price and availability. You may also call for more information on the link below or send a message through and your best time for a callback. 



Warm into shadow work by coming to our insightful online shadow group workshop first...

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