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Explore your past life through a guided self-hypnosis journey. This is a past life regression self hypnosis recording. This past life regression self hypnosis recording will commence by connecting to a particular moment in your current life to identify what needs healing or learning. You will travel to meet your spirit guide, connect with your higher self, and explore your past life for healing and wisdom. We move on from the past and concentrate on the reasons for choosing that specific life. The album will include the following components of this enchanting spiritual journey, full of power, wisdom, enchantment and insight.

  • A 49 minute past life hypnosis recording MP3 audio which can be easily downloaded onto your device and saved into files. Or from here you can save this audio to your laptop, phone, device or onto a USB stick. 

  • An Introductory recording with instructions on how to best use this program. 

  • An eBook with information on how to get the most our of your past life experience and connection to your higher self. 

  • A bonus 49 minute past life recording without music in the background for those that prefer not to have any music in the background. 


Monkey Mind and Negative Thoughts Removal

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Onced purchased this album, you can easily download your items to your device. The recordings will save directly into your device. 

Press play to listen back to each recording for 30 seconds. This is sold as an Album. Buy the album buy pressing 'Buy Album' at the top of this page. 

Tips and safety for self hypnosis

Listen to the past life hypnosis recording sitting up so that you do not fall asleep. You can also lay down to listen to the recording, but just mindful that if you are tired, you may fall asleep. You would only be falling asleep if you are tired. If you are falling asleep throughout the recording try doing the recording first thing in the morning when you have just woken up. On wakeup we are still in theta brainwave and more suggestible at that time of the morning, for new information. Alternatively, listen to this past life hypnosis recording sitting in a more upright, reclined position so that you dont drift off to sleep. Never listen to a recording behind the wheel of a vehicle. Use headphones or ear plugs to listen to your recording, if you are listening to these recordings directly from a laptop without ear phones or head phones, it may not be clear or loud enough. The head phones or ear phones usually make the recording much clearer to listen to. Never listen to a hypnosis recording while walking, jogging or in control of a moving vehicle. These recordings have been made in a recording studio by Clinical Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Guide, Tara J Clarke.


If you have any questions you are more than welcome to connect. 

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