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Reviews of the group workshop from previous clients

Delores Cannon's online workshop offers insight into seeing your past life journey, future life exploration, and meeting your spirit guide. Dive into your past lives with this regression workshop. Tara J Clarke, experienced QHHT Level 2 Practitioner, has hypnotized thousands of her clients into past lives. This workshop is not the actual past life regression hypnosis session, however exercises that will guide you to how to do the session.  In this online workshop, Tara will guide you to your past life, to your future life and to your spirit guide. 

If you have ever been interested in your past life, or if you are considering getting ready for a past life regression hypnosis session in the future, these powerful tools you will learn, will help your intuition and guidance. Whether you're curious about your past life or seeking to enhance your meditation and spirit guide connection, this workshop is a powerful way to improve your intuitive abilities. Offering an insightful 2 to 2 and a half hour, online journey workshop.


To begin, we start with an introduction to hypnosis and incorporate visualization exercises to enhance your experience.

Next, we proceed with a group past life regression, providing a glimpse into your previous life. In a private one on one session with Tara J Clarke, you would explore your past life a lot more extensively, but in this group past life workshop, you can catch a meaningful glimpse of your past life related to your intention. The QHHT group regression online workshop offers a glimpse into scenes from various lives, even your future past life. You will be conscious to write down your experience at the end of each segment.

After glimpsing your past life, we proceed on the QHHT Journey by encountering your spirit guide or guardian angel, who will provide you with a significant gift and message to aid you in your present life journey.

Next, we proceed to catch a glimpse of your future past life.

In this online group workshop, you will:

·        Learn how to do hypnosis

·        Have fun

·        Visit a past life

·        Visit your guide or guardian angel and receive a message

·        Visit a future life

·        Open a channel to the infinite universe for 3 days after your session, to receive more               Insight and messages from within

·        Learn how to correctly visualize

·        Interact at times throughout the session if you choose to

What to bring to your QHHT online workshop:

·        Paper and pen as you will write down what you see

·        A grounding crystal in your aura, such as obsidian, petrified wood, tourmaline, onyx or             if you don't have one, just use a rock. 

·        An open heart and mind without self-judgement

·        Avoid caffeine prior to your session

·        Trust and belief in the power of your spirit

·        Trust and belief in the power of the process

·        A sense of fun



The session takes place ONLINE via Zoom chat on Monday evening at 6:30 pm, occurring approximately once, every four weeks. Check the schedule by clicking on the green star below, to price and availability. Keep scrolling across until you find that date that suits you. It is good practise to come to all the workshops as you will recieve different messages each time and the more you come, the more wisdom you learn and the more intuitive you become. 

The session also takes place ONLINE via Zoom chat on Friday mornings at 9 am, occuring approximately once, every four weeks. Check the schedule by clicking on the green star below, to price and next availability. Keep scrolling across until you find a date that suits you. 

Follow the box below, to book your session. Once you book and pay for your online workshop, you will be emailed the Zoom link within 48 hours prior to your online group past life regression workshop. 


Dates price and availability are provided in the next step. If you require any further information feel free to text or phone Tara J Clarke on 0481336666 or

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