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What is a Soul Realignment Reading?

A Soul Realignment Reading is an insightful modality by Andrrea Hess that has a big focus on your life lessons and purpose. This kind of soul reading uses the Akashic Records as a tool to release negative karmic patterns at the Soul level and to unlock our Soul level possibilities in order to bring out the information to change our choices in order to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be and this starts at the level of the soul, as does everything.






About Soul Realignment

If you are struggling in certain areas of your life such as love life, relationships, physical environment, a health issue, finances, spiritual development, belonging and other areas in your life, having a Soul Realignment Reading with an Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner like Tara J Clarke, will assist you in understanding those limiting beliefs, patterns, attachments, vows, curses, karma, negative programming, negative spirit guides, chakra damage, imprints, hooks or chords with other souls that are not serving, old contracts. You will learn where these issues started in childhood or a past life or parallel life and once you get the understanding, this can be cleared in your Akashic Records as long as you give permission.  


What makes Soul Realignment different to other Readings?


Spirituality isn't just about gaining knowledge or understanding.  The purpose of Soul Realignment is to present you with a verbal reading over the internet (Zoom) or in person to authentically embody our Soul's identity in very real, practical ways so that we may ground who we are as Divine Beings into our human experience. If you hold ‘anger’ you are holding onto that third dimensional reality of the past. So understand why you hold the anger is the first step to letting it go and leaving it in the past.


A Soul Realignment Reading is about changing the way you experience yourself, every day of your life, as the 5th-dimensional being that you are, rather than the old ways of thinking in the 3rd dimension of the physical. Soul Realignment is about using the divine wisdom that you learn about yourself in this session, and binding the power of your intuitive and manifesting abilities as you rise above the difficult times, let go of the past and create the new life you want, based on your Divine Soul Gifts (which you will learn in a Soul Realignment Reading) and who you are, at the level of the soul before all of the programming started from conception, that dumbed you down in this current lifetime that you live as well as the dumbing down and negative thought and belief patterning programs that you inherited over the eons of lifetimes that you have had on Earth. For example, if you lived in poverty in past lives, you may have negative programming around money or negative beliefs around rich people which may be contributing to a shadow of the Rich Tyrant/ Poor Serf which you adopted when working in slavery in a past life. In this current lifetime, you may not feel worthy of money and so your choices reflect this. You find difficulty in holding onto money at a subconscious level so find ways to spend money quickly. Once you understand why you do this and where the habit came from, you can heal yourself with a Soul Realignment Reading.


We choose everything. We have chosen everything that we attract into our life by the choices we have made. By the vibrational frequency we hold. If you go around saying negative quotes such as ‘I will never find the right partner’. Then the universe listens to that and sends you more of that. This means that by changing how you experience yourself on this dense planet and ways that you can change what you do to improve your experience of this reality on Earth. For example, as an empath, instead of previously being drained of all of your vital force energy by others because you were choosing to give your love away to others as a doormat, you can change what you do and choose to align to Divine Love and Divine Compassion differently. Instead of giving your energy away to others and disempowering yourself, try new ways that you can help others but hold onto your vital force energy. By having a new focus so that you bring in that divine energy of love and compassion into your being and keep it there so that you can use this vital force energy to help others in a positive way, rather than them taking from you, that was always draining your energy. If you are going to allow others to treat you like a doormat then that is what you will get more of.


What else can I learn in a Soul Realignment Reading?


You will learn where you had amazing lives where you used this gift of any of love, compassion, wisdom, order, power, truth, self-expression or creation and how you helped others in past lives with these gifts.


Your Soul Realignment Reading will also reveal who your soul group is, where your first incarnation was, which soul groups you have worked with over the eons, which ones resonate with you most, and what choices you should make in order to align with the energy of your soul group moving forward. This could be for example, using more sacred geometry in your rituals or working more with sounds or particular instruments for helping others in a certain way or helping yourself.

What is also special about a Soul Realignment Reading, is that you will learn which particular teachings and philosophies you can discover to assist you in aligning to your true divinity for this incarnation.  Most of us have had many past lives and when you were living in a particular culture in a past life, it this culture resonated to your spiritual beliefs and gave you much power and confidence or you may have learned about your intuitive abilities in that culture. In a Soul Realignment Reading with Tara J Clarke you will find out which teachings and philosophies align to your soul in this incarnation and it is important to listen back to your recording and physically make the suggestions given in the session. The session is recorded as part of your healing process. As an example, you may have had a powerful Viking life in the past and learned about power, confidence, faith and wisdom. As a result, aligning to the Pagan traditions in this lifetime may help you with power, confidence, strength, courage, safety, security, protection and wisdom in this lifetime in order to stop feeling fearful or feeling unsafe or unprotected. This does not mean that you should go and become a Pagan but bringing in some Pagan teachings and philosophies into your current life would be useful and powerful for you. Finding out which lives were the best for you to work on a particular life area you should work on e.g. groundedness or relationships is key to healing yourself. If you knew you were a powerful witch in a past life but no idea which traditions and practises you used, a Soul Realignment Reading can help.

In Soul Realignment, we also go into Archetype Energy Patterns that you may be holding onto that are not serving your highest good in the here and now. For example, the energy pattern of the 'Victim' may be blocking you from moving into your power and taking control of your life and this may have started when you were young and went through your parent’s marriage breakdown. Since then, you have carried the Archetype energy pattern of the victim and this creates more trauma and suffering in your karmic wheel of life so that you continue to attract more victimhood into your life, like you are the 'prey' instead of feeling safe and protected and rising above the prey, like the Eagle.


Tara J Clarke has been on her spiritual path all her life and is an Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner so you will also learn extra gifts about yourself by choosing an Advanced practitioner, rather than someone that has just started out doing Akashic Readings. You will learn about your own soul specializations and a little more about your spirit guides if this information needs to come into your soul reading. Tara J Clarke does not use a pendulum and channels most of the information coming through. You can learn more about Tara’s story and why she started Signs of Abundance Hypnosis and Healing by clicking the box below.


In a Soul Realignment Reading, the blocks and restrictions you learn about yourself will be cleared  with the power of intention and you will be placed on a 21 Day Transmutation of Energy Script to read out loud, once per day for 21 Days. This must be done in order to target your subconscious mind and in order for the shift in energy to imprint itself into cellular memory. Every time you read the powerful Transmutation of Energy Script, you are consciously calling in your guides to assist and giving gratitude to the process. It is important that you trust and believe in this process to clear in this way.


For those that need a little hand hold in trusting and believing in the power of their spirit and manifestation to clear their blocks or need a little more guidance in turning inward themselves with an Akashic Records Reading and Clearing, I offer an Akashic Records Reading and Clearing which is a longer 3 hour session which involves a greater emphasis on the ‘clearing’ process, clearing of the emotions or visualizations and guided journeying into your Akashic Records in the session. I also offer a longer Soul Realignment Session which includes a banishing clearing ritual at the end which has a stronger focus on the clearing part, in the session. This is a 3 hour Soul Realignment Session, an upgrade from my normal 2 hour Soul Realignment Session. If you would like to do the banishing ritual at the end of your session as part of your clearing, choose the 3 hour Soul Realignment Session.


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