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Tara J Clarke is a Meditation, Mindfulness, Intuition Teacher dedicated to helping others live their best life. She writes, produces and records guided meditations in her sound-proof studio in order to assist you on your path to inner healing.  Meditations are pre-recorded in studio for chakra balancing, inner child healing, intuition, channeling your spirit guides, aura cleansing, grounding and more. All meditations are produced by Tara J Clarke, Meditation, Intuition, Mindfulness Teacher, Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Guide, Akashic Records Healer and Holistic Counsellor. Click on the Meditation below to go to more information about that meditation or to buy meditation. 

" I got this first go! Holy, so amazing. I had my eyes closed the whole time and when I was writing my writing style was so different, spirit was writing through me. I had tears rolling down my eyes and how beautiful it was when I entered into meet my higher self. I became in a space where my heart was whole again and it was so beautiful to feel the love in this space. I got a message that next time it will be my guides showing me things. It felt so great and an amazing experience. Thank you so much, I love this meditation so much."

Amy Pisot

" Tara's calm and assuring voice allowed me to feel harmony and peace within. I felt a strong connection to my higher self in this meditation for intuition, stronger than any connection before. "

Barbara Gibson
Trust your Intuition for confidence
picture of your inner child for meditation
a grounding picture of meditating
the sacral chakra symbol for archangel
the heart chakra symbol for archangel raphael
the third eye symbol for archangel
Meditate for in body channelling
shadow healing and ancestral trauma workshop
the root chakra symbol for archangel
the solar plexus symbol for archangel
the throat chakra symbol for archangel michael
the crown chakra symbol or archangel
cleansing meditation for the aura
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Distance Healing Session

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